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USA vs Germany Prediction: The clash promises to be entertaining

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USA vs Germany Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds │11 MAY, 2024

Prediction for the IIHF World Championship USA vs Germany match which will take place on May 11th. Who will turn out to be stronger? Check the team conditions! Several betting options are available.

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Team USA has not won a gold medal at the World Championships since 1960, which is a colossal surprise. The Americans have recently started to attract more young hockey players from universities to the national team, but star teams have often played in planetary championships. The 2024 World Cup will feature high-profile, even star, hockey players looking to break a streak of unsuccessful tournaments. At the same time, the USA’s debut match raised many questions. They were inexpressive in attack and made mistakes in defense, leading to a well-deserved 5:2 defeat to Sweden, despite the last two pucks going into an empty net.

Germany was the finalist at the last World Cup. The year before, the Germans started the tournament with three consecutive regulation defeats but won four in a row to qualify for the playoffs. They sensationally beat the Swiss 3:1 in the quarter-finals, then snatched victory from the Americans 4:3 in extra time before losing 5:2 to the Canadians in the decisive match to finish as silver medallists. Undoubtedly, they would love to reach the final of the 2024 tournament, but it will be a much more challenging task. Their opponents are of a higher level, they have a host of star players in their ranks, and they can only hope that Edmonton is relegated so that Leon Draisaitl can arrive. In their debut match, the Germans beat the Swiss 6:4.

The German national team defeated the USA team in the semi-finals of the last World Cup. Still, a year earlier, the USA was represented by hockey players of a much lower level: NHL veterans, college league players, and AHL representatives. At the 2024 World Cup, the Americans fielded a much more experienced and high-profile squad that had just arrived at the tournament the day before, and they lost 5:2 to the Swedes – a defeat that will only make them angrier.

The clash between the USA and Germany promises to be entertaining and productive. In their last seven encounters, the Stars and Stripes have scored 48 goals (an average of 6.86 per game), while the Germans have scored and conceded 70 goals (an average of 7.00 per game) in their previous ten World Cup encounters. Both results are very high, which isn’t surprising given that these teams constantly strive to play entertainingly and spectacularly.

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