Saturday, June 22, 2024

YouTube celebrates hijabi fashion with new animated logo

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Are you ready to explore and celebrate the world of modest fashion & hijab on YouTube? Today, YouTube’s special animated logo celebrates Hijabi and modest fashion, as well as the content creators who help millions of people express their sense of style through modest fashion.

As part of this celebration, YouTube also put together a curated playlist with inspiration from some of the most elegant and stylish modest content creators. Here’s a sneak peek:

DIY Magic with Manola: Ever dream of transforming that trendy outfit into a modest masterpiece? Manola’s step-by-step tutorials will have you sewing your dream wardrobe in no time!

Talk Trends with Summer: Don’t get lost in a sea of trends! Summer’s A-Z guide decodes the latest hijab fashion, helping you discover what works and what doesn’t for a perfectly stylish (and stress-free) you.

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