Sunday, May 19, 2024

Win the world’s fastest DeLorean in Google’s Gemini API developer contest

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Google today at the I/O conference announced its Gemini API developer contest, where developers can compete for cash prizes up to $300,000. The best overall app wins the grand prize of, dare we say, a totally radical custom electric 1981 DeLorean.  

About the DeLorean 

This car is custom-built by car restoration company DeLorean Midwest and was specifically commissioned by Google. Originally purchased in 1981 and believed to have less than 5000 original miles, the DeLorean’s engine and drivetrain were swapped for the Tesla Model 3. 

“This is the world’s fastest DeLorean with a 12.26-second quarter mile at 111 MPH and 4.10-second zero-to-sixty,” said Michael McElhattan of DeLorean Midwest and host of the YouTube channel DeLorean Nation

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Front View of DeLorean at Google I/O 2024

Other than a swap for gauges suitable for an EV, and a trunk space where the gas engine used to be, DeLorean Midwest meticulously preserved the original interior and details.  The car has at least a 200-260 mile range similar to a new electric vehicle.

Rear view of DeLorean at Google I/O 2024

DeLorean Midwest is now custom-building these vehicles for customers, but unless you win this developer contest, come prepared to leave your wallet behind with McElhattan. A newly restored all-electric DeLorean will set you back about $220,000, which McElhattan notes is not outrageous considering low mileage restored DeLoreans go for around $150,000, and the fact you are putting a Tesla Model 3 inside. 

Mike McElhattan of DeLorean Midwest will gladly build you one of these sweet rides

About the contest

The contest kicks off today, May 14, 2024 with initial submissions due by Aug. 12, 2024. 

Entrants will be judged by a panel of Google experts across five dimensions, including Remarkability, Creativity, Usefulness, Impactfulness and Execution. More details on criteria are available on the contest website, which lists the Official Rules and Restrictions. 

To participate in the contest, entrants need to build an app using the Gemini API, record a demo video about the app and publish and submit it to the competition. 

Besides the, need we say it again, totally awesome electric DeLorean, cash prizes start at $50,000 for best in category and up to $300,000 for the most impactful app. 

That’s a few hundred thousand reasons for developers to enter. Final voting takes place Aug. 16-Sep. 4, 2024.

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