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Wednesday’s Love Horoscopes Grow Luckier For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 15

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Growing up, you figured that things would go according to plan as you become an adult. You might have had it all figured out. You’d date, you’d marry, and you’d have 2.5 kids. What you didn’t figure happening was the reality that life never goes according to plan and that you, yourself, might have to either go against the grain or broaden your horizons in love so that you can have the full experience.

May 15 brings you Moon square Uranus, which has three zodiac signs reflecting over their life, so far, and coming up with the idea that maybe it’s time to try something new. What might have been an experience we’d never want in the past, now seems as though it has promise; we’ve changed. We aren’t locked into any of the ideals that we thought were ‘the only way to go’ anymore.

We are in the process of growing. If we are to experience the best life offers us, we must open our hearts and brave the idea that we need to broaden our love horizons. We may have to get out of our comfort zones to accomplish this, but that’s what will make for a much better and more loving experience. Let’s do this, zodiac signs. Let’s make the best of our lives, fearlessly.

Love horoscopes grow luckier for 3 zodiac signs on May 15

1. Gemini

Something amazing will take place in your life on May 15, Gemini. For most of your life, you’ve known you were different, but what held you apart from the rest of the world was that you saw your difference as not necessarily all that different. It will be this Wednesday that you release your need to compare your life to the lives of others, and in doing so, you free yourself up for new experiences.

In love and romance, you feel ready to open your heart. You aren’t as enamored with the ‘cold, hard, feelingless’ attitude you’ve adopted over the years as it hasn’t done much more for you than keep you isolated and lost in your mind. Wednesday offers you the transit of Moon square Uranus, which offers you a way out.

You will see that you aren’t as locked into your old ways of thinking after all. You want to know love and be there for it, not just phoning it in or experiencing it through the eyes of a jaded individual. Moon square Uranus lets you know that it’s time to act and that love is just as available to you as it is for everyone else. You are willing to open your mind, as well as your heart, and good for you!

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2. Leo

Because you’ve found a way to go about your business, you’ve sort of gotten stuck in that pattern for a very long time. You feel, or rather, you have felt in the past, that if it works, why change it? While you make a good point, you’re also starting to see that you are a bit stuck in your ways and that there are other things worth experiencing if only you could broaden your horizons.

Where your love life is concerned, you’ve become a little lackluster. It never occurred to you that if you bring in some new thinking, you might become a new person, and your romantic partner might feel quite thrilled about it. Ah, that’s how Moon square Uranus does its positivity work on you.

It’s not that you’ve opposed change; it’s just that you got used to the routine. However, this is a nice long life we have, and changing things up now and then does add that seasoning we all need so badly. The flavor is what this life is about, and you’ll be adding that special ‘chef’s kiss’ to your romantic life very soon due to Moon square Uranus’ influence.

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3. Scorpio

Whenever there’s a transit like Moon square Uranus in your life, you can expect good things to take place, as you are naturally in line with the kind of unique energy that comes with anything Uranus. You are daring, and oftentimes you don’t care what others think of you. However, you are someone who, once you find a path, does not deviate from anything.

You’ll see that you may just discover that on Wednesday, you’ll be tempted to try something new, which has something to do with your romantic relationship. Your partner has been begging you to get involved with something they find interesting and stimulating. While, at first, you were skeptical, and you are now starting to wonder what the fuss is all about.

This curiosity has you broadening your interests and expanding your horizons. OK, so it’s time to deviate from the original path. You once told yourself that such a thing is not a good idea, but times change, and so have you, so why not ‘dare to go there’ and try a new experience? What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like it, you don’t go back. Easy, peasy.

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