Thursday, July 18, 2024

Webb County to use funds to pave Las Lomas Roads

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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) – Unpaved streets are a common sight in remote areas of Webb County, but new funding might address this issue.

At Commissioners Court, the remaining County Transportation Infrastructure Funds—monies earmarked specifically for improvements to roadways and other structural repairs—were granted to pave some streets within the Las Lomas Ranchitos.

Commissioner Rosaura “Wawi” Tijerina of Precinct 2 adds that these repairs will result in quality-of-life improvements given the dire conditions of the roads.

“It is so difficult sometimes for the buses, school buses, to go in to pick up the children, or sometimes it is very difficult for law enforcement, an ambulance, or someone to go in there because of the conditions of the road,” Tijerina said.

Tijerina adds that some of the roadways leading into the colonias have already been paved, but more work needs to be done to ensure all major streets are completed.

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