Sunday, July 21, 2024

Walmart will open more automated distribution centers to keep up with online shopping

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Photo: Jeff Schear (Getty Images)

Walmart announced Wednesday that it is opening four more automated distribution centers across the country to meet the changing demands of customers and keep up with online orders.

The Arkansas-based retail giant already has one of its high-tech centers in operation in Shafter, California. It said Wednesday it is opening four more in Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, and New Jersey.

The company said it is working to get the groceries customers want on its shelves “faster than ever.”

“To do that, we’ve been investing in data, increasingly intelligent software and automation — all to transform our business and create a more connected supply chain,” it said.

The automated facilities will still employ plenty of people, bringing 2,000 new jobs to the communities where they are built.

Walmart’s Automated Grocery DC

Walmart is now the largest grocery retailer in the U.S. and says its AI-powered distribution centers are helping it stay on top.

Automated distribution centers store double the amount of cases and process twice the amount of volume as traditional ones, the company said.

“We’re excited about what this technology will do for our business, but more than that, we’re excited about the opportunities it will create for associates,” Walmart said. “Technology is evolving physically demanding jobs into roles where associates are operating and maintaining high-tech systems, leading to an improved quality of life.”

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