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Walmart shoppers blame new carts for ‘wasteful’ and ‘gross’ customer behavior

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WALMART has upgraded its shopping carts and is rolling them out to all 4,600 US locations.

Many shoppers are not fond of the new cart design, even blaming it for poor consumer behavior.

Walmart is rolling out its new shopping cart design to all its US stores


Walmart is rolling out its new shopping cart design to all its US storesCredit: Alamy
Many Walmart customers have critiqued the new carts on social media


Many Walmart customers have critiqued the new carts on social mediaCredit: Getty

Walmart gave its shopping carts a makeover to improve the overall shopping experience and cater to modern consumers.

The updated carts have four new features.

Two upgrades include an added phone slot and cup holder, which most shoppers appreciate.

However, customers have raised concerns about the shopping carts’ major size adjustments.

Walmart increased the handlebar height from 39.75 inches to 43.3 inches and lifted the child seat from 32 inches to 37.8 inches.

Walmart's new carts have four upgrades


Walmart’s new carts have four upgradesCredit: The U.S. Sun

One Walmart shopper blamed the larger cart for encouraging excessive consumer habits.

“We buy a lot of junk,” began the X user.

“If you’ve ever seen the enormous shopping carts at Walmart, full to overflowing, you have to wonder why we’re so wasteful and consumption-crazy. It’s gross.”


Shopping carts are nearly three times as large as they were in 1975.

From two small baskets on wheels to today’s gigantic baskets, shopping carts have consistently grown in size.

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The primary purpose of a cart is to encourage shoppers to purchase more than they can carry, so it makes sense that retailers are enlarging their shopping carts to boost profit.

Cart size is correlated with how much consumers spend, and businesses use this to their advantage, marketing expert Martin Lindstrom told Today.

If a shopping cart were doubled in size, customers would spend on average 40% more, whether they realized it or not.


While Walmart’s large shopping carts are intended to encourage consumer spending, they also inadvertently push shoppers away.

The new carts stirred up controversy among shorter shoppers, those with disabilities, and elderly customers.

All three groups of shoppers have complained that the enlarged carts have caused them shoulder and back pain due to the raised handlebar.

“My shoulders ache just thinking of this. Also, it’s all I can do to get a big bag of anything out of the cart and into the trunk as it is,” said one elderly shopper on Facebook.

“Great! Now my disability can aggravate my shoulder EVEN MORE! Thanks, Walmart!” cried another customer.

A short shopper bashed the carts for causing them to be “stuck walking around uncomfortably.”

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