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Vogue Editors Answer Google’s Most Searched-For Fashion Dilemmas Of The Year

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Can you remember a time before social media? Before the omnipresent buzz of smartphones? Sometimes it’s hard to truly recall what life was like in the days before we could order a Crosstown doughnut to arrive at our doorstep in 30 minutes, or spend four hours watching Tube Girl on TikTok. And when it comes to our wardrobes, we’re now always just one click away from buying a new winter coat, or researching the exacting parameters of the “cocktail” dress code.

According to Google, “what to wear to…” searches reached a ten-year high in the UK over the past year, exceeding pre-pandemic levels, while “how to style” hit an all-time peak in November. But what are the specific sartorial dilemmas people were actually searching in 2023?

We went direct to the source (aka Google), to discover the hot topics that have cropped up over the last 12 months. The results reflect trend-led queries – such as “how do I style cargo pants?” or “how do I style leather skirts” – but also questions around sourcing hard-working wardrobe classics, such as black leggings or white shirts. Here at Vogue House, the team has taken the liberty of tackling Google’s most searched-for fashion dilemmas of 2023, and the answers, conveniently, provide some perfect outfit solutions for this time of year.

How do I style cowboy boots?

With the latest season of The Crown now on screens, we’ve got Princess Di style on the brain – and the cowboy boot was surely one of her most iconic pieces (second only, perhaps, to the “revenge dress”). But how to wear them now? While you can always go full boho with a floaty dress and fringed jacket, we love the idea of embracing a more equestrian finish via horseshoe jeans, a boxy blazer and white tee. Black cowboy boots, meanwhile, will also look great with black leggings and an oversized knit for easy weekend dressing.

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How do I style cargo pants?

Cargo pants have ridden the wave of the Y2K revival over the last couple of years, cropping up everywhere from the runway (Fendi! Coperni! Stella!) to pre-loved sites to the high street. They have also become a familiar sight in the Vogue office.

You could go for the full-blown Noughties throwback, often favoured by Gen Z: think crop tops, chain belts and strappy slingbacks. But for those who experienced the trend the first time around, a high-low styling approach might be a more appealing option. We’re talking baggy cargos (it’s best to avoid anything too tight) paired with a pinstripe shirt and pointed boots, or more tailored wool styles worn with a white T-shirt and an oversized blazer.

For a more casual weekend look, we love the idea of combining khaki cargo trousers with this season’s trending rugby shirt (&Daughter’s knitted iteration feels more polished), with Adidas trainers and a colourful bag.

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