Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Vanar and BCW Group Join Forces for Validator Node Using Google Cloud’s Green Energy

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Vanar chain, the pioneering Layer 1 blockchain, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with BCW Group, an enterprise solutions firm and venture studio committed to building cloud and web3 infrastructure. BCW Group will host a validator node for Vanar, leveraging Google Cloud’s recycled energy data centres to ensure both high performance and sustainability.

Vanar is dedicated to mainstream adoption by prioritising speed, scale, and ease of use, working with prestigious brands to deliver cutting-edge solutions. BCW Group, known and trusted worldwide, collaborates with major players globally to provide unparalleled blockchain, data, and cloud infrastructure services.

Enhancing Blockchain Networks with Green Technology

Vanar, known for its high scalability, security, and efficiency, is focused on the mainstream adoption of decentralised technology. BCW Group’s decision to host a validator node highlights its belief in Vanar’s vision.

With a proven track record in blockchain infrastructure, BCW Group brings unmatched expertise to the partnership. BCW Group offers a versatile set of critical solutions aimed at expanding the capabilities of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform and operates a wide range of web3 network nodes, including validators, bridges, RPCs, relayers, and oracles, to provide on-chain data sources for financial institutions, corporations, academic institutions, and a variety of web3 products and services.

Commitment to Sustainability

In a pioneering initiative, as one of Vanar’s validators, BCW’s node will be hosted in Google Cloud’s recycled energy data centres, powered by renewable energy sources. This approach not only reduces the carbon footprint but also aligns with global efforts to promote environmental sustainability. By leveraging Google Cloud’s innovative green technology, Vanar is demonstrating its commitment to a green blockchain.

Integrating with Vanar’s Proof of Reputation Model

Vanar’s unique Proof of Reputation (PoR) model selects only established, reputable corporations to host validator nodes, ensuring the highest level of trust and performance in the network. BCW Group’s esteemed reputation and robust infrastructure make it an ideal partner in this model. This collaboration ensures that only the most credible and reliable entities are involved in securing and validating transactions on Vanar, further enhancing the network’s integrity and reliability.

Jawad Ashraf, CEO of Vanar, said: “BCW Group’s decision to host our validator node using green technology aligns perfectly with our vision for mainstream adoption. Their expertise and reputation with both web2 and web3 brands make them an ideal partner as we continue to grow and enhance our blockchain network. Integrating BCW’s validator node into our Proof of Reputation model ensures that Vanar nodes remain secure, trustworthy, and efficient. This collaboration significantly boosts our mission of mainstream adoption by providing a seamless, scalable, and user-friendly experience.”

Kyle Baron, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at BCW Group, added: “Our partnership with Vanar is highly aligned with our focus on creating on-chain interactions where cost, speed, scalability and environmentally focused networks can lead to global adoption of web3 technology in our everyday lives. As we secure the Vanar chain with an environmentally friendly validator node, we look to set new standards for the web3 industry and pave a more sustainable path for large-scale applications to build.”

This partnership highlights the synergy and mutual benefits between both Vanar and BCW’s clients. With the impending launch of Vanar’s mainnet, many more announcements are expected in the coming weeks and months.

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