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Unlocking the fastest and easiest path to infrastructure expansion in Asia

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As the world’s largest economic region, Asia accounts for roughly 40% of global output, and is projected by the IMF to account for 70% of post-pandemic economic growth globally. A McKinsey report revealed that 52% of all Asian trade is intra-regional, compared with North America’s 41%, indicating a trend towards organisations serving Asian markets via self-contained regional supply chains. Consequently, countries in the region are playing an increasingly critical role in global infrastructure.

Asia’s rapid digital transformation and burgeoning middle class present lucrative expansion opportunities for agile businesses to tap into. But without a provider who can offer robust network and compute services along with regional expertise, expansion can be challenging due to factors such as infrastructure limitations, long-distance latency, and regulatory complexities.

To help you gain seamless entry into Asian markets, Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, and Equinix, the world’s leading digital infrastructure and interconnection company, are teaming up to empower your business with comprehensive, global connectivity solutions.

What are the key challenges facing companies expanding to Asia?

Navigating the region’s diverse infrastructure and compliance landscape can be difficult due to:

  1. Limited user reach: long distances lead to high latency, compromising user experience, especially in remote areas

  2. Service quality instability: regional network disruptions and fluctuating demand can negatively impact service consistency

  3. Costly network options: the region’s fragmented peering landscape can lead to expensive contracts with limited provider choices

  4. Compliance complexities: unique laws across Asia’s 48 countries require local expertise to ensure compliance

  5. Business continuity disruptions: maintaining workforce efficiency and performance can be difficult without partners who can ensure seamless connectivity

  6. Increased time-to-market: massive efforts may be required to overcome the challenges highlighted above, delaying market penetration and stifling competitiveness 

Break barriers to success in Asia with Zenlayer + Equinix

The joint solution offered by Zenlayer and Equinix empowers your business with two world-leading connectivity providers, enabling you to:

1. Achieve unparalleled reach, performance, and reliability in Asia:

Powered by an extensive network of nearly 200 edge nodes covering 99% of Asia’s internet population, Zenlayer’s hyperconnected Asia fabric reduces latency by 30-80% compared with public networks to support accelerated application and content delivery for drastically improved digital user experiences. Augmented by Equinix’s International Business Exchange and interconnection services in 251 data centres across 70 global metros, we enable you to exchange traffic directly, eliminating intermediaries and enhancing connectivity worldwide. 

2. Cost-effectively access a vast ecosystem of top services and service providers:

Leveraging decade-long partnerships with regional providers, Zenlayer and Equinix unlocks cost-effective access to global data centres, network service providers, SaaS partners, and more than 10,000 ISP and internet exchange peers, minimising the need for multiple contracts and ensuring compatibility and service consistency. We offer the ideal platform for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, offering direct connections to public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

3. Accelerate regulatory compliance and market entry

Leveraging our combined expertise in local regulatory landscapes and rapid deployment capabilities, Zenlayer and Equinix expedite market entry for your business, shortening provisioning times from months to weeks or even days. In addition, we offer 24/7 live, local tech support to give you fast troubleshooting and resolution as well as peace of mind.

How we do it

Zenlayer’s hyperconnected global network spanning 300+ edge nodes worldwide perfectly complements Equinix’s global data centre footprint, which plays an integral role in today’s global cloud ecosystem.

Working together, we help organisations across a broad range of industries including but not limited to automotive manufacturing, hospitality and fintech expand globally using industry standard IBX data centres, edge bare metal, and network edges. To improve regional interconnections, we also offer cross connects, metro connects, and access to Equinix Fabric.

Ready to fast-track your Asia expansion?

When you partner with Zenlayer and Equinix, you get unmatched reach and optimal network performance in Asia leveraging a global backbone capable of reaching 85% of the world’s internet users in less than 25 milliseconds. Together, we offer cost-effective access to a massive ecosystem of clouds, service providers, and SaaS partners, streamlining your operations to give your business agility and a competitive edge throughout the region. You can count on our expertise to help ensure regulatory compliance and quickly capture new markets with our rapid deployment services.

Simplify your expansion in Asia and accelerate your success with Zenlayer and Equinix by contacting one of our experts today.

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