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This Google TV projector has a license to thrill, thanks to its official Netflix app | Stuff

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If you’re trying to create the perfect home cinema set-up, things can get pretty complicated. But if you’re after a big screen, projectors are usually the way to go. You might miss the brightness you’d get from a normal TV, but that’s not the only thing. Smart TVs come with full operating systems chock with apps and interactions, which lots of projectors often miss out on. But this new offering from Dangbei might be one of the smartest home cinema options available. It runs Google TV and comes with Netflix built in.

The Dangbei Mars Pro 2 shines brighter than a flare in a dark alley, offering a whopping 2450 ISO lumens. This means whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or gaming, your visuals will be nothing short of stunning – day or night. The addition of HDR10+ and ALPD technology means you’re getting crisp, clear images with no speckle in sight.

You get all your favourite streaming services at the tip of your fingers. This comes courtesy of the Google TV interface, which also gives you access to smart home controls. The projector offers up a smorgasbord of content from Netflix to Disney+. And that Netflix app is built-in and fully licensed. It’s all smoothly navigated and tightly integrated.

The Mars Pro 2 projector isn’t just about the visuals – it packs a punch with its sound too. With dual 12W speakers, a 600ml sound chamber, and both Dolby and DTS:X support, it gives you top-notch acoustics in your own home. This clever little box is also equipped with Dangbei’s latest InstanPro AI Image Setup, making everything from autofocus to obstacle avoidance a breeze. And for the gamers out there, it’s got you covered with low latency, 4K at 60Hz, and W-iFi 6 connectivity.

So, how much for this smart home cinema device? The Mars Pro 2 projector hits the shelves on May 28th, and will be available directly from Dangbei and Amazon in both the US and UK. It’s tagged at $1899/£1899, but you can get a launch discount bringing it down to a rather appealing $1499/£1549.

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