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The 8 Shoe Styles Already Trending Ahead of Spring 2024, According to Google

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I love shoes — so much. Just as my fiancé, who has now seen my ample collection of sneakers, heels, flats, and more since moving in. He agrees with my fondness for footwear though; in fact, while on the subway to dinner this weekend, we discussed the importance of shoes in an outfit. “Shoes really are the one element that make me feel so good about an outfit,” he said. I firmly agreed, and always have. They’re the base of an outfit; they ground everything, pull it all together, and possess the power to make or break a look. 

So, now that we agree shoes are incredibly important in an outfit formula — and if you don’t agree, let’s talk! — it’s time to talk about trends. The runways are a clear indicator of what’s going to be big in the fashion scene, and while I love to draw inspiration based off the catwalk, I also love to see what people like you are searching for. Good thing Google just unveiled its list of trending spring 2024 products, which includes an entire section about the most coveted shoes for the season ahead, based on search interest. Clearly, people want these shoes, and I found some of the best styles that fall into each of the trending categories. You’re welcome.

So, in case you need any spring 2024 footwear inspiration, take the below as your comprehensive shoe shopping guide for what to wear now — and in two months. 

Google’s Top 8 Spring 2024 Shoe Trends

Kitten Heels


I’ve been keen on kitten heels for a while. They’re obviously more practical than regular stilettos, given the more humble, usually 2-inch heel that’s easier and more comfortable to walk in. But also, the mini heels just look so visually pleasing. So you can imagine my surprise when I learned it’s not just me who’s totally obsessed with the style (I actually wasn’t surprised, because I know this shoe has a hold on people). But what I didn’t know, nor think, was that searches for the shoe style were at a 10-year high, according to Google. Jaw drop. Everyone wants kitten heels, and for good reason. The easy wearing heels pair well with everything, from jeans to midi skirts, add some height, but don’t require you to sacrifice comfort. I’m obsessed, and I’m adding a new pair to my rotation as a type.



Let’s talk about loafers. The controversial shoe style is officially exiting its controversial “dad” shoe era, because brands have unveiled fresh, modern takes on the silhouette that feels very trendy. Not to mention, so many celebrities have been seen in the often preppy-leaning silhouette, including Hailey Bieber, Emma Watson, Katie Holmes, and Gigi Hadid, which only gives the shoe that much more street cred. The nice thing about the style is you can pick a pair that leans more you — opt for a chunky, lug-sole pair if you want something more grungy or a simple, sleek option to stay in the classic loafer lane. Whatever you choose, remember one spring style hack: Throw in cute socks to keep your feet warm and to add a stylish touch.

Mary Janes


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There really is something about Mary Jane (the shoe!). The silhouette, which is dainty and sweet, continues to maintain its foothold on the world; celebs are wearing the strapped style like it’s nobody’s business; Google users are searching for it like there’s no tomorrow; and I’m currently in the process of adding my third pair of Mary Janes to my closet. You can snag the silhouette, which is typically characterized by a single strap that also serves a practical purpose, in a flat, heeled, or wedged version. Trust me when I say you’ll be wearing your Mary Janes nonstop. 



Whatever you think about clogs, I ask that you keep an open mind. The shoes, which are controversial and might make you think about the style your mom wore while gardening (mine certainly did!!), have been in a sort of renaissance for a while now, with celebs like Gisele Bündchen, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bella Hadid all on board. And, TBH, in case you had any doubts, take a look at how they’re wearing them to convince you to test-drive the style, stat. Clogs can be cool! Clogs are comfy! Clogs are on-trend! And people are clearly searching for them, according to Google. Prepare to see a lot more of the clunky shoes in spring 2024. I, for one, will finally be wearing my M.Gemi pair that keeps selling out.

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