Sunday, June 23, 2024

The 6-To-1 Rule To Save Money (And Time) At The Grocery Store – The Takeout

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While Will Coleman insists that the 6-to-1 rule has worked for “me, my homies, and everybody on social media that has tried it,” your mileage may vary. One person commenting on the TikTok video points out that the rule seems tailored to solo shoppers and might be more difficult for a family to implement, while others admit they really don’t eat that many fruits and vegetables. If this is you, too, being a 6-to-1-er could mean you’d be shelling out big bucks for stuff that just rots in your produce bin. (Even if you buy canned or frozen produce, pantries and freezers can only hold so much.) You might also need fewer proteins, too — for example, one rotisserie chicken might be stretched out to make three days’ worth of frugal meals.


Yet another way the 6-to-1 method may let you down is by not allowing you to take advantage of all the deals your supermarket offers. Perhaps the meat department has 50% off on steaks, or there’s a BOGO on butter. In that instance, why pass up the chance to stock up and fill your freezer? (Yes, butter freezes quite nicely.) Also, where do staples like salt and flour fit in? Nor do beverages appear to be covered, unless you own a juicer or stick with tap water. Finally, that “one fun item” doesn’t mean you have license to bust your budget on caviar or foie gras (unless they, too, are deeply discounted).

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