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St. Tammany property transfers for April 23-29, 2024. See a list of home and other sales.

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Transfers for April 23-29


BACHMAN DRIVE, LOT 172: $107,000, Bradley K. Shiflett and Charity Z. Lett Shiflett to Conner W. Smith and Mackenna L. Richardson Smith.

BOBBY JONES BLVD. 26056: $60,000, Rebecca Jenkins Ruppert, Brian K. Jenkins, Holice B. Jenkins and Veronica Jenkins Hall to Teresa Myers Kelly.

HILLCREST COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES, LOT 1, SQUARE 14: donation, no value stated, Debra Ann Hairston to Christopher A. Hairston.

LONG BRANCH DRIVE 23506: $112,500, Harry Clay Albers Jr. and Rose Usner Albers to John D. Reuther Jr. and Elizabeth Ellison Reuther.

NEAR ABITA SPRINGS, PORTION OF GROUND: $50,000, Pamela Rester Miley to Thomas W. Hudson and Kristin Smoot Hudson.

NORTH ST. 21188: $351,000, HMM Development LLC to Pierre Blaine Conrad and Veronica Kline Conrad.

PELICAN ESTATES, PHASE 3, LOTS 6, 7: donation, no value stated, Connie Sue Hendricks Curtis to Lance H. Williams.

RYAN AVE. 301: donation, no value stated, John E. Hornsby to Kristin Hornsby.

SINGING RIVER ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 47: $200,000, Succession of Dorothy Bergeron Mendel to David J. Mendel Sr.


ALLEN ROAD 74486: $425,000, Robert L. Dupuy Sr. and Agnes B. Dupuy to Patrick J. Samaha and Victoria A. Samaha.

AVENUE DE BELLEVUE 653: $400,000, Susan M. Murray Overstreet to Christopher M. Storms and Dayna K. Storms.

BAMBOO DRIVE 227: $305,000, Loretta Gail Rivers to Garrett L. Johnson and Melisa Keo.

CAROL LANE 75026: $30,000, Faye Centeno to Antonio Mendez and Jeni C. Cardenas.

CRAPEMYRTLE ROAD 143: donation, no value stated, BNE LLC to Norman J. Francioni Jr. and Evelyn P. Francioni.

DEL SOL EAST 365: $348,000, Patrick H. Hoover and Barbara M. Hoover to Bernard J. Marino III and Cynthia S. Marino.

DENDINGER DRIVE 15110: donation, no value stated, Robert M. Smith and Darryl D. Smith to Petroleum I. LLC.

E. PARC WOOD DRIVE 71446: donation, no value stated, Don Grossnickle and Gale Grossnickle to Donna C. Grossnickle.

GARDENIA ST. 21115: $140,000, Laretta Stepney Allen to Celeste S. Stallion.

JARRELL ROAD 19684: $265,000, Laurie A. Metevier and VickyLee M. Clelland to Darrin G. Merwin and Susan Matherne.

JOHNSEN ROAD, PORTION OF GROUND: $305,000, JSB Johnston Tract LLC to Robert Hickey and Mary E. Hickey.

JOYCE DRIVE 75534: $267,645, DSLD Homes LLC to Geneva Dinh.

MADELEEN LANE 73164: $170,000, Ivy J. Gaudet and Diane R. G. Gaudet to John S. Pituch.

OAK BRANCH DRIVE 405: $255,000, Houssem N. Aouididi to Katherine Ann Barry, Thomas J. Barry and Tracie K. Barry.

ROBINDALE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 29A, SQUARE 15: $60,000, Steadfast Development LLC to Integrity Builders Inc.

RUE CHAMONIX 912: donation, no value stated, Kenneth J. Pitcher to Teri Anne Pitcher.

SAMANTHA DRIVE 12: $630,000, Cynthia Laborde Marks to Christopher M. Mire.

SECOND ST. 70052: $239,000, Anthony M. Pennington to Marianne Gieger.

SOUTH DRIVE 108: $360,000, Rainer Lorenz and Sharon K. Lorenz to Holly C. Valenti.

TAMMANY HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOT 4A, SQUARE 71: $264,000, J. Mendoza Homes LLC to Richard B. Cox Jr.

TAMMANY HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 35, 37, SQUARE 85: $30,000, Ronald Bruce Russell and Robbie C. Porter Russell to Allen M. Pisciotta.

10TH ST. 70305: $190,000, Adam Martin Perry to Miquel R. Moradel Mejia and Wendy E. Nunez Garmendia Mejia.

VICTORIA DRIVE 75453: $288,580, DSLD Homes LLC to Chelsey Winn and Tammy Louviere.

W. 24TH AVE. 1202, 1206: $150,000, Peter A. Cassisa Sr. and Terri T. Cassisa to Peter A. Cassisa Jr. and Jennifer M. Cassisa.

WINGFIELD SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 44: $180,000, Tammany North Properties LLC to Wilfred Olivier Prados and Chere Byrne Prados.

WOODBLUFF DRIVE 11537: $286,000, Zachary Slawson and Jayetta Slawson to Pedone Properties LLC.


BIENVILLE ROAD 120: $270,000, Kathleen Addotto Craig to Billy Rowbatham.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, George L. McLain and Shirley Sharp McLain to Marcus A. Ungaro and Samantha McLain Ungaro.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $100,000, Brandon Breaux, Lauren Breaux and Michael Breaux to Glenn Donovan and Melinda Donovan.


BELMONT COURT 31001: $615,000, Kevin B. Patton and Rachel K. Patton to Jason H. Strong and Carolina Parrish Strong.

CHARLES STREET, LOTS 16, 17, SQUARE 6: $40,000, Christopher Shawn Couret and Kirk Shawn Couret to Sergio Torres Jr.

LACOMBE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 7, 8, 9, SQUARE 56: $10,000, Gadrel LLC to Ron J. Glockner.

MERINO ROAD 61770: $206,080, Oaklawn Construction LLC to Lakisha Jene Woods.

SUNRISE LAKE DRIVE 26260: $180,960, Jonathan P. Gunnells and Sarah Thomas to Dylan James.

YAUPON TRAIL 61386: $100,000, Bryan K. Gonzales and Johnny Ray Hayes to Bryce J. Darby and Bryan K. Foy.


NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $90,000, Derrick A. Badon to Ruben R. Serna, Perla P. Lucero Serna and Dunia N. Padilla.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $160,000, Cypress Pond LLC to Wandell T. Smith and Jenika Sly Smith.

RUE CHARLOTTE394: $883,481, L&H Homes LLC to Andrew J. Breeland and Olivia M. Breeland.

WHITE HERON DRIVE 106: $262,500, Joscelyn A. Fennelly to Kimen M. Wascom.


BROOKSIDE DRIVE 164: $755,000, C-T Homes LLC to Chad M. Campbell and Rachel Ferreira Campbell.

CALHOUN ST. 2231: $65,000, Better Homes LLC and BBB Holdings LLC to Milena Georgievai and Katharina Jahnke.

CAMBRONNE ST. 677: $560,000, Mary Jensen Hernandez to Jacob Buob and Hana Mitchell Buob.

CHULA PLACE 102: $425,000, Kai Edward Gulliksen to Patricia A. Borges.

CLAIBORNE ST. 2131: donation, no value stated, Esquinance irrevocable trust to Genie J. Esquinance Brabham.

DEAN ST. 642: $199,900, Melissa Kay Pearson to Elisabeth Dixon.

DEPRE ST. 347: $452,500, Robert A. Rockwell Jr. to Miranda H. Nonn.

E. THISTLE ST. 100: $260,000, Silvia D. Verdial to Kane J. Boudreaux.

ELDER ST. 23004: donation, no value stated, Tyler J. Hughes to Jessica W. Tauzin.

EVERGREEN DRIVE 516: $729,000, Joel D. Thomas to John H. Derbas and Diana C. Derbas.

FIRETOWER ROAD 21064: $435,000, Christopher W. Sparks and Carley J. Sparks to Steve W. Roberts.

GRANDE MAISON SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3C, LOT 190: $72,000, Grande Maison Development LLC to MJB Construction LLC.

GROVE COURT 3148: $445,000, Michael Blue and Laura Blue to Adam M. Perry and Anna Nicole Torroll Perry.

LABARRE ST. 1215: $100,000, Ah Ho Yeoh to Oon Lim Khor.

MONTGOMERY ST. 762: $580,000, Full House 1 LLC to Travis L. Davis and Madria S. Davis.

MONTMARTE ST. 1410: $447,500, Nathan E. Pennison and Lori Farris Pennison to Mary Jensen Hernandez.

MULBERRY AVE. 255: $180,000, June David Brister to Christopher Leniek.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $160,000, Cypress Pond LLC to Renee A. Kenney and Kelly S. Williams.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Kevin G. Kliebert, Joy T. Kliebert Alley and Anna K. Schreiber to Dean F. Kliebert.

RUE MARSELLE 706: donation, no value stated, Christopher T. Hickman and Sarah W. Hickman to Patrick Parent and Lauren Maisano.

STRAIN ROAD 22332: $60,000, Carl Livermore Jr., Kris Livermore and Cynthia L. Oubre to 70482 10th St. LLC.

TRINITY DRIVE 2034: $394,000, Blake A. Cado and Allison V. Cado to Brice F. Bentel and Rebecca D. Bentel.

TRINITY LANE 112: $383,000, Daniel Hatton Maloy to Kenneth R. Whittle and Alison Heath Whittle.

VILLERE ST. 2330: $235,000, Glenn W. Roberts III to Timothy J. Biedenkopf and Collette Buras Biedenkopf.

W. RICHLAND DRIVE 127: $400,000, Erin Potrzebowski to Andrew Bean and Jessica Bean.


AUNT MASSEY ROAD 38547: $20,000, Jennifer Packer Schmid to Royce E. Cannon Sr.

BOSS BOWMAN ROAD 35291: $106,000, Mass Prentiss Blackwell III to Aaron Penton Jr.

CHRIS KENNEDY ROAD, PORTION OF GROUND: $450,000, A Soldier’s Journey Home to Ryan C. Major.

CHRIS KENNEDY SUBDIVISION, LOTS 7, 8: donation, no value stated, Shirley Jumonville to Joseph P. Nicolosi Jr.


ABNEY COUNTRY AIR SUBDIVISION, LOT 39, SQUARE E: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mark Eckenstaler.

ABS ROAD 58078: donation, no value stated, John C. Sage Jr. to Lorraine Perez.

BANKS VIEW ST. 1390: $340,970, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to India D. Procter.

BLUEBIRD ST. 274: $95,000, Mary D. Duchmann, Patricia D. Berthelot and others to Pellicon Builders LLC.

CAMPANA LANE 34328: $263,720, DSLD Homes LLC to Tirza Williams.

CAROLYN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 3 , SQUARE 17A: $198,000, Linda Taylor King to Wesley Stewart and Nelsi B. Maldonado Carvajal.

CAT ISLAND COURT 624: donation, no value stated, Jesus Macias Fernandez to Elisia Barthe.

CHARLAND COURT 62437: $277,205, DSLD Homes LLC to Ross Wiesner and Kristin Wiesner.

CROSS GATES BLVD. 388: $390,000, Chris R. Audibert Jr. and Mara Leonard Audibert to Eric J. Wood and Christina T. Wood.

DELTA RIDGE AVE. 6618: $375,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Thao T. Tran and Thi D. Le.

DRURY LANE 105: $125,000, Atta Roy Properties LLC to Ryan D. Woodrow and Lauren V. Woodrow.

E. LAKESHORE VILLAGE DRIVE 335: $279,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Charles Roach Jr.

E. SILVERMAPLE DRIVE 329: $330,000, Ronald A. Palmisano Jr. and Deborah Constant Palmisano to Anthony S. Evett and Erin C. Evett.

ENGLEWOOD DRIVE 1414: $235,000, Susan M. R. Benitez, Judith A. Redding Cox and others to Ricardo A. Hernandez and Kalierys P. S. Hernandez.

HARRIS AVE. 3021: $40,000, Julius Lester Jr. and Gwendolyn S. Johnson to Tracy Stokes Ducre.

HAYES ROAD 40730: $187,000, E. J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC to Brett J. Robinson and Leah Graf Robinson.

HAZELWOOD ST. 213: $209,000, Anco Construction LLC to Christian J. Gordon.

HICKORY DRIVE 353: donation, no value stated, Adam L. Laudun and Amy C. Laudun Starrett to Sean M. Battistella.

INTREPID DRIVE 210: $470,000, Michael Edwards and Mary D. Edwards to Philip Smith.

JAY ST. 2111: $155,000, Fartima S. Laurent to John G. Goedtel II and Paul J. Goedtel.

LAKE GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 4, 5, SQUARE 15: donation, no value stated, Sigma Services LLC to Church of the King Inc.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, John S. Pichon and Celeste Ann Pichon to Richard D. Pichon.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Brenda T. L. Case to John S. Case.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $160,000, Strecker Inc. to Holcomb Road Investments LLC.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Louis J. Smith and Alberta Williams Smith to Albert T. Smith.

NORTH SHORE SITES SUBDIVISION, LOT 26: $70,000, Succession of William H. Bragg and Elisa C. A. Bragg to Kevin A. Stein.

PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 4512, UNIT 6: $110,000, Richard F. Dinoso to Keith J. Alphonso and Regina W. Alphonso.

QUEENS DRIVE 123: $57,000, Sydney J. Roberts to Schick Properties LLC.

RIVER GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 8, 9, 33, 34, SQUARE 24: donation, no value stated, Carl J. Munch Jr. and Jessie W. Munch to Robert Evans Jr. and Kristy Munch Evans.

ROBIN ST. 2208: $150,000, Michael W. Vincellette, Debra V. Rigaud and Sandra Jean Vincellette-Howard to Mary Talbot.

ROBIN ST. 2401: $187,000, Richard F. Hess to Kristin H. Toohey.

SPANISH TRAIL HIGHLANDS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 10, 11, 12, SQUARE 27: $25,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to JJM Properties LLC.

SUMMER PLACE COVE 213: donation, no value stated, Jason R. Carminati and Claire W. Carminati to JC Carminati Family Trust.

WALTER DRIVE 3577: $305,000, Barry J. Lepine and Raymond J. Lepine Jr. to James McNiel and Taira Lauren McNiel.

WEATHERLY COVE 123: $350,000, Barry M. Bourgeois Sr. and Donna Hermann Bourgeois to Phillip T. Nguyen and Joanna Tran Nguyen.

WEST ADDITION TO MORGAN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 4, 5, 6, SQUARE 45: $8,500, Anne E. Gastrock Privett Lynch Hale Gregory to Erick F. Gunera and Santos F. Gunera.

WEST MORGAN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 15, 16, 17, SQUARE 39: $8,000, Jennifer L. Norvell to Darwin E. Melendez Blanco.

WHISPERWOOD ESTATES, LOT 62, UNIT 1: $140,000, Amanda M. Guerrero to Standard Mortgage Corp.


LA 1082 81453: $275,000, Dorignac Brothers LLC to Robert Hatcher and Karla Hatcher.

NEAR BUSH, PORTION OF GROUND: $80,000, Barry Scott Celestin and Tangia Frey Celestin to Peter J. Martin Harding and Meryt W. Harding.

NEAR SUN, PORTION OF GROUND: $350,000, Linda F. Accardo to Shallow Creek Enterprises LLC.

RUFFIAN COURT 106: $152,400, Matthew Pitre and Joseph Rogers II to Otis Pitre Jr.

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