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Sewer Backups New Issue At Burr Ridge Shopping Center: Mayor

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BURR RIDGE, IL – Burr Ridge’s mayor said Monday that County Line Square was making progress in correcting problems that the village has identified.

But he promised the village would closely watch the shopping center, which includes businesses such as Capri Ristorante. He has repeatedly expressed unhappiness with the center’s handling of problems.

At the mayor’s recommendation, the Village Board on Monday approved an ordinance allowing outdoor dining for one year at Patti’s Sunrise Café, which is at County Line Square.

Recently, Michael Garber became the owner of Patti’s. He is part of the Garber family that owns the shopping center.

But Garber’s attorney told the village that his client does not have an ownership interest in the shopping center. Michael Garber will be among those inheriting the center upon death of his parents, the lawyer said.

The board had delayed approval of the ordinance for Patti’s while the village sought to determine Michael Garber’s interest in the center.

At Monday’s meeting, Grasso said the Garbers are correcting problems with the shopping center’s leaking roof, which he said had been an issue at restaurants.

The village has issued citations to County Line Square over the roof and other issues, Grasso said. The roof issues are in municipal court, with the next hearing in June.

Now, Grasso said a new issue has come to his attention – sewage backups at two of the restaurants.

“I’m told it’s a significant problem at the major restaurant that’s going to require some significant work,” Grasso said.

He said he has instructed staff to follow up on those issues, ensuring the center complies with health regulations.

Trustee Guy Franzese also expressed concern with County Line Square.

“We’re asking the Garber family to bring up County Line Square to the minimum standards of safety, maintenance and sanitation,” he said. “We’ve been asking this for years.”

Grasso said he and Trustee Schiappa met with Michael Garber and his attorney earlier Monday and was told that Garber was the contact person for issues at County Line Square.

“Michael made it clear that he was the new guy in charge,” the mayor said. “He asked us to come to him for any tenant problems in County Line Square.”

Schiappa said Michael Garber wants to reset the relationship with the village.

The board voted unanimously to allow outdoor dining at Patti’s for one year. Trustee Al Paveza was absent.

Garber’s lawyer, Jim DeBruyn, attended the meeting and reiterated to the board that Michael Garber does not have an ownership interest in the shopping center.

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