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Senators Kelly and Sinema secures funding for three infrastructure projects – KYMA

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(KYMA, KECY) – Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema has secured funding for three aging infrastructure projects.

In a press release, the funds “will invest in the modernization of outdated water systems and strengthen the long-term water reliability of Arizona and the entire American West.”

“Our bipartisan infrastructure bill is delivering results for Arizonans. This investment will strengthen our water infrastructure and ensure families across the state have reliable access to clean water,” Kelly said.

“Arizona’s economy and environment depend on a strong, resilient water supply throughout the American West. Today’s funds upgrade outdated water systems throughout Arizona to secure our water future,” Sinema expressed.

The following projects, with the amount awarded to said projects, that Kelly and Sinema supported are:

  • Glen Canyon Outlet Works: This is said “to fund recoating of the outlet works, which consists of four steel pipes with cast iron bellmouth intakes, hollow-jet valves for regulation, and ring-follower gates for de-watering or emergency closure to ensure capability to meet downstream water commitments.” The amount awarded to this project is $8,945,000.
  • Bypass Drain O&M Access Road Repairs: The funding is said “to develop, prepare, and haul road materials and install security fencing around stockpile sites to support repairs to the road used for operation and maintenance of the west bypass drain along the last 276 river miles of the Colorado River, to address accessibility issues and risk to users.” The amount awarded to this project is $2.5 million.
  • Deer Island Backwater Infrastructure Replacement: The funding is said “to”to replace debilitated water control infrastructure to provide greater control of flow and water levels within the backwater that is located within the Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation.” The amount awarded to this project is $1 million.

The total amount for the three projects Kelly and Sinema are backing is $12,445,000, according to the press release.

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