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Sen. Ossoff Introduces Legislation to Upgrade Columbus Water Infrastructure – U.S. Senator for Georgia Jon Ossoff

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Columbus, Ga. — U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff is introducing legislation to upgrade water infrastructure in Columbus.

Today, Sen. Ossoff introduced the Georgia Stormwater Management Act to upgrade water infrastructure for families and businesses across the Columbus area.

The bill would establish a new authority for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to carry out water infrastructure projects across the Columbus area, which would upgrade quality of life and improve resiliency.

“I remain focused on the Chattahoochee Valley every day. I’ve heard consistently from local leaders about concerns with aging water infrastructure, which is why I’m introducing this new bill that would authorize the U.S. Army Corps to work on vital water infrastructure projects across Columbus,” Sen. Ossoff said.

Sen. Ossoff’s legislation comes after a water main break led to hundreds of families losing access to clean water in Columbus earlier this year.

Sen. Ossoff continues working to strengthen Georgia’s infrastructure.

Last month, Sens. Ossoff and Rev. Warnock announced they delivered $1 million through the bipartisan infrastructure law to help expedite the cleanup of hazardous materials in Columbus.

In 2022, Sen. Ossoff passed into law his Chattahoochee River Act, a first-of-its-kind law that authorizes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to work on water projects up and down the Chattahoochee River throughout the state of Georgia.

Click here to read the Georgia Stormwater Management Act.

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