Sunday, July 21, 2024

Save 50% on the Shark AI Vacuum — best price since Black Friday

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Attention savvy shoppers! Shark has just slashed the price of its bestselling voice-controlled AI vacuum by 50 percent. With over 20,000 sold this month alone, this deal is too good to miss.

Act fast as the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day approaches July 16 through July 17, bringing even more incredible deals for all your household needs, beauty, and other things. There is no need to pay full price if you can snag it on sale.

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Prime Day is the two-day shopping event that occurs once annually (or twice perhaps?) that has us all clicking onto Amazon, searching for whatever we need — and then some — and reaping the benefits of free and fast two-day shipping, slashed-down prices and a satisfied experience.

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That’s if you have an Amazon Prime membership, of course. Sign up for your free trial to unlock access to future retailer promotions, events and special offers, including Prime Video.

So, if you’re looking for the best cordless vacuums or robot vacuums, there is something for you during Prime.



  • 20,000 5-star ratings
  • 20,000 sold this month alone
  • Great value

Designed with intense suction to get every last speck of dust with just one pass, this robot can be voice-controlled and accessed via app. With a precision home mapping schedule, this device can be cleaned at certain times and in specific rooms whenever you say.

The self-cleaning brush roll doesn’t get tangled and can clean up after your pet, child, or, let’s be honest…yourself without skipping a beat. Plus, it self-empties and doesn’t need to be cleaned for at least 60 days.

One five-star reviewer said it did an “amazing job” for hardwood and low-pile carpets, adding that it “cleans way better than the previous vacuum we had.” Another shopper remarked, “I’ve been a Roomba fan for years, but this Shark is changing my mind.”

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