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Pixel Watch 3 rumored to use same chip, shrink bezels, have 2,000 nits display

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After arriving at the FCC with specs like UWB confirmed, more Pixel Watch 3 details have leaked, including the codenames for the 41 mm (selene/helios) and 45 mm (luna/sol) models. (There are two to reflect the Bluetooth/WiFi and LTE variants.)

According to Android Authority, the Pixel Watch 3 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chipset, just like last year’s watch. Today’s specs leak does not specify the “custom co-processor,” with both the first and second-gen Pixel Watch featuring a Cortex M33.

The display will go up to 2,000 nits of brightness from 1,000 today. That new brightness matches the Apple Watch Series 9, while the Ultra 2 already goes to 3,000 nits. Meanwhile, the bezels have shrunk from 5.5 mm on the Pixel Watch 2 to 4.5 mm on both sizes of the Pixel Watch 3. 

The 41 mm model, which has a 32 x 32 mm display size and 408 x 408 resolution, will definitely benefit from this. On the 45 mm Pixel Watch 3, it’s 36 x 36 mm and 456 x 456. 

Based on previous renders, the general design of the case has not changed.

In terms of colors, there will be silver and black cases across both sizes. The 41 mm will be available in gold, while the 45 mm is coming in a “hazel” (green) case. There will also be a Rose Quartz band to match the Pixel 9. 

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