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Original Pixel Watch Gets 4 Big Fitness Features in March Drop

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The March Pixel Feature Drop will touch on more than just Google’s phones, and more specifically, is targeting the original Pixel Watch. Google is adding 4 big fitness features to the original that first debuted on the Pixel Watch 2.

The 4 new features coming to the original Pixel Watch are Pace Training, Heart Zone Training, Auto Workout Mode, and the release of the Fitbit Relax App. Again, these were all on the Pixel Watch 2, so this is an expansion rather than a big platform update for Google’s watches. Still, we like seeing the original catch up, especially as old as its hardware is.

Pixel Watch Pace Training: Google explains Pace Training as setting a goal pace during exercising to know when you are within your target, thanks to GPS and power-optimized motion sensors. You should see notifications on your watch screen when you fall out of the target, all of which will help you reach those training goals.

Pixel Watch Heart Zone Training: This Heart Zone Training is similar to pace training, only now you get to see which heart rate zones you spend time in during exercise. Like pace training, you can setup notifications to help you stay in specific zones. And here’s my personal tip – do Zone 2 training all the damn time.

Pixel Watch Auto Workout Mode: The first-gen Pixel Watch now does auto workout tracking too, so if you forget to start or stop a workout, it should be able to pick it up and record it for you. It does this for running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor bike, treadmill, and rowing.

Relax App on Pixel Watch: And finally, we have a new Fitbit Relax App that Google hopes will guide you on breathing exercises to help you better manage moments of calm and mindfulness in a day. There’s a chance you saw this pop up at some point on your original Watch, but it likely didn’t work. It should now.

And that’s it for the March Feature Drop for Pixel Watches. I know that Pixel Watch 2 owners will be disappointed in this one and that’s fair. This was really just a month of love for the original.

To check for system updates on any Pixel Watch model, this old trick should still work. For app updates, you’ll want to head into the Google Play store on the watch. The build number to be on the lookout for is TWD9.240205.001.A3.

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