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Milford Redevelopment Accepts Eastfield Infrastructure Agreement

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Commission president Dan Brown, right, and Doug Ruch sign the infrastructure purchase agreement for the Eastfield subdivision. The town will purchase the infrastructure in the subdivision for up to $500,000, which will be paid as TIF increment funds come in. Photo by Lilli Dwyer.

By Lilli Dwyer

MILFORD — At last month’s meeting, the Milford Redevelopment Commission decided not to go forward with a new infrastructure purchase agreement for the Eastfield subdivision without feedback from developer Miller Brothers. At its meeting Monday, July 8, the commission approved the agreement after Miller Brothers accepted the modifications they had made.

Under this new agreement, the town of Milford will purchase the infrastructure — such as the sewer utility and road right of way — for $500,000. This will be paid with tax increments from the TIF district when they come in. Miller Brothers will cover closing costs, including the cost of a second land survey if one is deemed necessary.

Milford’s water and wastewater departments have inspected Eastfield and made a list of problems that Miller Brothers needs to address before closing, such as seeding and repairing erosion.

Milford committed to pay up to $1 million on Eastfield. Phase 1 of construction cost about half of that.

“Until the second phase is started, we don’t go beyond that,” said commission president Dan Brown. “Everything we’ve done with this agreement has been to try to assist the developers without encumbering the town.”

The closing date is as of yet undecided. This agreement will go into effect pending approval by the Milford Town Council.

Before adjournment, Doug Ruch informed the commission that there are some properties within in TIF District 1 that do not have sewer, and that Eastfield needs a new backup generator. Quotes are being sought for both these projects.

The next Milford Redevelopment Commission meeting will be Monday, Aug. 12.

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