Sunday, June 23, 2024

Michael Kors Offers Customers Mastercard’s AI-Powered ‘Muse’

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Fashion retailer Michael Kors adopted Mastercard’s artificial intelligence-powered shopping assistant.

The retailer is the first to make Shopping Muse available to its customers via an integration with its U.S. website, the companies said in a news release Monday (June 10).

“With summer adventures and wedding season on the horizon, Michael Kors’ Shopping Muse integration comes at just the right time,” the release said. “Shopping Muse recreates the in-store experience by translating consumers’ colloquial language into tailored product recommendations, meaning fashionable consumers can quickly find the perfect look that matches their inquiry as well as their demonstrated behavior and preferences.”

This sort of personalized approach can increase both shopper satisfaction and revenue, with Mastercard’s initial tests finding that Shopping Muse generated around a 15% to 20% higher conversion rate than traditional search queries, per the release.

Mastercard’s Dynamic Yield introduced the AI-powered Shopping Muse in November. Its suggestions are based on a consumer’s “profile, intent and affinity.” It uses its personalization capabilities to make recommendations via the retailer’s keywords, visual cues and “the consumer’s own affinity,” Mastercard said at the time of the launch.

The PYMNTS Intelligence report “AI-Enabled Payments Enhance Customer Options” revealed that 44% of consumers are at least somewhat interested in adding AI technologies to their shopping experiences. However, that share climbs to include more than half for younger generations, with 69% of Generation Z consumers and 54% of millennials and bridge millennials reporting interest.

In addition, the PYMNTS Intelligence study “Consumer Inflation Sentiment Report: Consumer Interest in Artificial Intelligence” found that more than three-quarters of consumers have gotten AI-powered product recommendations online.

A third PYMNTS Intelligence study, “2024 Global Digital Shopping Index: U.S. Edition,” created in collaboration with Visa Acceptance Solutions, found that 44% of consumers would be happy shopping in stores without digital assistance.

Another AI effort in the apparel space includes True Fit last week introducing Fit Hub, which uses AI to streamline the often-cumbersome process of determining size when shopping online.

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