Thursday, May 23, 2024

Kyndryl bolsters its Bridge infrastructure services

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There are now more than 1,200 clients using the Kyndryl Bridge platform, including approximately 450 clients added in the most recent quarter, according to Bremner. “Adding 450 clients in the quarter highlights the scalability of Kyndryl Bridge. As Kyndryl brings more clients and services onto the platform, Kyndryl Bridge will leverage an expanded operational data set to provide more insights than the 3 million insights it generates monthly now and provide clients more savings,” Bremner stated. 

AI-readiness services on tap

Moving forward, there are a number of areas Shagoury said the company is focused on developing with Bridge. AI services will be a key part of that development, including options that will help customers build the infrastructure, trusted data foundation, and models they need to take advantage of AI, Shagoury said.

New offerings will include frameworks for machine learning operations and large language model (LLM) operations, along with Kyndryl’s Data and AI Console, which creates a unified view of customers’ data for improved insights and AI enablement, the company stated.

“We are looking at AI services that are going to be more tailored toward individual customer business, their semantics, their context, and how our clients can query our operating environments as services so they can query solutions or enact solutions that allow them to improve the services we deliver,” Shagoury said.

AI networking is another area Kyndryl is targeting.

“AI networking is definitely in its early days, but we have been in a few consulting engagements about that,” Shagoury said. “A lot of our push in our consulting business is helping our clients think through how to architect that and deploy it. So we’ll do a lot of work around how to create the operating environments, the compute or the storage or the GPU as-a-service models to really start to test and play with the operating capability, or help them define how to move their operating workloads into those environments effectively,” Shagoury said.

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