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Kroger addresses shopper after blasting grocer for ‘awful’ new bottomless carts

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A SHOPPER pleaded with a major grocery store chain to change the design of its shopping carts.

The customer posted on X begging Kroger to adjust the bottom rack of its carts after they complained about their ‘awful’ shopping experience.


Kroger shoppers are taking to social media to plead with the store to invest in better cartsCredit: Getty
One social media user begged the company to add bottom racks on the carts


One social media user begged the company to add bottom racks on the cartsCredit: Getty

“Dear Kroger,” the post started.

“What does it take for ALL the new carts to have the bottom rack like the picture on the right?!”

“My Kroger has the bottomless carts and it’s awful trying to place items in the cart on my weekly shopping trips.”

The store promptly replied to the concerned customer. 

“We are so sorry about this,” the reply began.

“We’re sharing your feedback with our store management team for review. Have a good day!”

The grocery chain also asked the shopper for the location of their store so management could address the problem.

The shopper isn’t alone in complaining about the new bottomless carts.

“The new bottomless shopping carts at Kroger (Poplar and Cleveland) make it impossible for me to do all my shopping in one trip when I need heavy items like soda, water, and cat litter,” said one social media user.

“The only reason I’ve stuck with Kroger during its decline over the past two years has been its convenient location, but if I can’t do all my shopping in one trip, it’s no longer convenient.”

‘Price gouging your loyal customers,’ cries Kroger shopper after finding exact same item at Target for $4.50 less

The bottomless carts are part of an effort to reduce crime.

In order to prevent theft, many major retailers are rolling out similar measures.


Kroger was recently under fire from some customers after one shopper accused the store of changing its bags.

@kroger I’m begging you bring back handles on your paper bags,” a customer posted on X.

“I don’t want to have to drive across town to the other grocery store anymore.”

The company replied similarly to the shopper as it did to the one asking to adjust the new carts.

Anti-theft measures rolled out by retailers

Retailers across the US and Canada have rolled out strategies designed to combat theft. The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of measures that have been implemented at stores.

  • Locking items in cabinets.
  • Security pegs.
  • Security cameras.
  • Signs warning about the impact of theft.
  • Receipt scanners.
  • Receipt checks.
  • Carts with locking technology

“Hi there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” the company said.

“We want to look into this. Please send us DM and provide the store location you referring to and your rewards card number or ALT ID you used at check out.”

The company also asked for the shopper’s name and email.

Kroger shoppers previously posted on Reddit debating whether the chain ever had bags with handles in the first place.

“For something like the past year (maybe more), ALL paper bags they have had NO handles,” one shopper posted in the Kroger subreddit.

“Is this similar to Kroger locations?”

“How inept of a management team must Kroger have to f**k with their customers like this?”

Dozens of shoppers commented underneath the post, arguing different reasons as to why Kroger no longer has handles on its bags and whether the chain’s bags ever existed to begin with.

“We had handles on our kroger paper bags from 2016 to about 2018. Then, they were discontinued,” one customer wrote.

“I still have one somewhere.”

A shopper replied to the post, speculating it may just be a purchase choice. 

“I don’t think they were discontinued, but I’m pretty sure it’s a purchase choice, which most order placers do not choose because of store cost. We ‘accidentally’ got some once.”

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