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‘It’s driving me nuts’ rage Google fans over ‘stupid’ alert – try easy fix first

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GOOGLE users have been raging over a repetitive alert which is driving them nuts.

But there is one useful trick to stop the annoying “try Gemini” prompt – permanently.


Gemini gives you direct access to Google AICredit: AFP

A motorcycle rider asked for urgent help on Reddit to get rid of Google‘s “try Gemini” push ad.

“I use assistant voice commands through my helmet on my motorcycle, and need them to work reliably without randomly getting this stupid prompt,” the person explained.

“Every time it comes up the voice commands fails, and I have to mash the screen with my gloves fingers to get it to go away.

“It’s a huge distraction and I’m trying not to die.

“Sorry if this sounds petty, but I need a way to permanently disable all prompts to try Gemini.

“I just need this thing to stop.”

“Wondering the same thing, it’s driving me nuts,” complained another on the forum.

I need a way to get Gemini out of my life. I don’t need its help.

Google user

The most liked response was a simple suggestion to get rid of the annoying prompt.

“As someone who tried Gemini and then quickly switched back… that’s your solution,” a Reddit user replied.

“Just swap, and then swap back. Reverting back seems to tell them that you’re not interested and they won’t pester you about it… for now at least.”


“That’s also what worked for me,” wrote another.

“I blocked and reported spam when Gemini texted me in messages… hoping they’ll get the idea that I’m not a fan,” said one response.

“I tried it for a day. It was absolute bollocks, so I switched it back. But the good news is that it hasn’t asked me once since,” shared another.

Google Gemini explained

Gemini – previously known as Bard – is Google’s latest artificial intelligence chatbot

Gemini was created by Google and Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

It gives people direct access to Google AI, and can help with writing, planning and learning.

Google has described the AI software as its “largest and most capable AI model” yet.

Gemini is an AI model trained to behave in human-like ways.

It can understand text, images, videos, and audio. Gemini can even complete complex tasks in maths and physics.

The free artificial intelligence app lets people rely on tech instead of their own brains to write, interpret what they’re reading and deal with a variety of other task in their lives.

How Gemini works:

When you enter a prompt into Gemini, it replies with a response using the information that it already knows or fetches from other sources, such as other Google services.

Google rolled out the Gemini AI chatbot to millions of Android phones in February 2024.

However, just days later it announced it was temporarily suspending its Gemini chatbot from generating any images with people in them.

Some users claimed the tool had an anti-white bias in the way it generated a racially diverse set of images in response to written prompts.

“We definitely messed up on the image generation,” admitted Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin in March.

Google Gemini is currently available through the Gemini chatbot – previously Google Bard – and some Google Pixel devices, and it will gradually become available via other Google services.

Gemini has been released in three sizes: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra.

Gemini Nano 1.0: The Gemini Nano model size is designed to run on smartphones.

Gemini Flash 1.5: This model is built for speed – and can process an hour of video or more than 30,000 lines of code.

Gemini Pro 1.5: Gemini Pro is designed to power the latest version of the company’s paid AI chatbot service, Gemini Advanced.

Gemini Ultra 1.0: This state-of-the-art model is designed for highly complex tasks and is available through Vertex AI and Google AI Studio with the Gemini API.

Sources: ZDNet and AP

Similar complaints about Gemini have also popped up on Google’s online support community page.

“If there’s a setting to disable it, that setting is well hidden. I can’t even write a text without it getting in my way,” wrote one frustrated Google user.

“I’ve deleted Gemini’s self congratulatory text three times and it keeps coming back.

“I need a way to get Gemini out of my life. I don’t need its help.

“How do I remove, or at least disable, Gemini? Google may think AI is the cat’s meow but I think it is half-baked and I don’t really want something that hallucinates an answer.

“It should not be that hard to let me have my phone work the way I want it to work, and right now I want Gemini out of messages.”


The person was told to send feedback to the developers of the application via the messages application/help/feedback.

“I don’t know if this worked, but I just blocked and reported the Gemini message as spam using the top right dots after selecting the message,” suggested another frustrated user.

A similar issue was first raised on Reddit back in February, when the AI chatbot was released.

“I installed Gemini, and disliked how it works as an assistant – missed good old assistant – and uninstalled it,” the Google user explained.

“But even with no app on the phone ‘OK Google’ still opens Gemini.

“Now I can’t play music with OK Google, can’t set alarm, can’t do anything. Is there a way to get rid of it?”


The most liked solution was this one: “Go to Google settings – from the home app, swipe left then upper right corner, settings.

“[Tap on] Google assistant, scroll down to digital assistants from Google, and there you have two options, Gemini or Google assistant.”

“Thank you so much. Wow Gemini is completely useless as far as working as a digital assistant like Google assistant did,” said one person in response to the solution.

“Can’t even set a task or play music from Spotify. Worthless. Hopefully Google doesn’t kill off the assistant like they do everything else.

“If we get stuck with only Gemini then I might as well just use a Samsung or Apple phone for Bixby or Siri.”


“This helped me so much. I like assistant to read out novels for me while I do some other stuff, like traveling and stuff. Gemini refused to read that,” replied another on Reddit.

“This was weird for me. Following your steps and assistant was selected, but holding down the power button still launched Gemini,” said one person who also struggled to get rid of Gemini.

“What I had to do was go through Gemini settings. So open Gemini/ settings/digital assistants from Google and then selected assistant.”

Another person only managed to get rid of it by “resorting to reset the Google app back to factory settings, and set it back up.”

Gemini isn't human, says Google - so it can't make important life decisions for you


Gemini isn’t human, says Google – so it can’t make important life decisions for youCredit: Getty

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