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Is Your iPhone Obsolete? Apple Releases Updated List

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Apple has updated its list of obsolete iPhones, adding the iPhone 5S among others. If your iPhone is on this list, it can no longer be repaired by Apple. It’s a good time to consider upgrading to ensure continued support and updates.

Full List of Obsolete iPhone

Key Highlights

  • Apple declares several popular iPhone models obsolete, including the iPhone 5S.
  • Obsolete iPhones can no longer be repaired by Apple if they break.
  • Time to upgrade if your iPhone is on Apple’s obsolete list.

New Delhi: Apple has recently updated its list of obsolete iPhones, and it might be time for some users to consider an upgrade. The tech giant has declared several popular models as ‘obsolete,’ which means they can no longer be repaired by Apple if they break.

What Does ‘Obsolete’ Mean for iPhone Users?

When Apple labels an iPhone as obsolete, it signifies that the company has stopped distributing parts for that model, and no hardware service is available. Essentially, if your iPhone is on this list and it breaks, you’re out of luck because Apple won’t be able to fix it.

Apple’s customer service site explains: “Apple discontinues all hardware service for obsolete products, and service providers cannot order parts for obsolete products.”

Latest Addition: iPhone 5S

The latest addition to the obsolete list is the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013. This iconic model now joins other earlier iPhones that have reached the end of their service life.

Full List of Obsolete iPhones

Here is the complete list of iPhones that Apple has declared obsolete worldwide:

Model Variants
iPhone 3G 8GB (China mainland), 8GB, 16GB
iPhone 3GS 16GB, 32GB (China mainland), 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
iPhone 4 CDMA, CDMA (8GB), 16GB, 32GB, GSM (8GB) Black
iPhone 4S 8GB
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6 Plus

Why Do iPhones Become Obsolete?

According to Apple, a product is considered obsolete if it was last distributed for sale more than seven years ago. Most iPhones receive between six and eight years of software support before they stop receiving updates and eventually become obsolete.

Impact on Users

For users still holding on to these older models, it’s important to know that they won’t be able to get their phones repaired through Apple. This could mean that a broken iPhone on this list will likely stay broken.

If you realize your iPhone is now obsolete, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Newer models not only come with the latest features and better performance but also ensure you continue to receive software updates and support.

Not Just iPhones

It’s not just iPhones that face obsolescence. Apple also has lists for other products like MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, iPods, and Apple Watches. These products also reach their end of life and lose support over time.

If your iPhone is on the obsolete list, it’s a clear signal from Apple that it’s time to move on to a newer model. Staying updated with the latest devices ensures you have access to new features, better security, and ongoing support.

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