Sunday, May 19, 2024

Instagram, Facebook DOWN For Some Users As Meta Services Hit By Widespread Outages

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Several users in India and United States reported that they are not able to use Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday. Both the Meta owned social media platforms are currently experiencing outages.

Breaking News: Instagram, Facebook Down For Some Users As Meta Hit By Widespread Outages

Instagram, Facebook Down: Meta’s major social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, are experiencing outages for several users on Wednesday. The disruptions are primarily centered around New York and California, with smaller disruptions witnessed in India, suggesting a server-side issue that is expected to be resolved shortly.

The report of both the major social media platforms outages stated coming on Downdetector around 7 pm (EST).

Additionally, Threads also experienced disruptions, although it wasn’t reflected on Downdetector after 8 pm (EST), as per reports.

(Note: This is a developing story and further details will be added.)

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