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Infrastructure investments at the centre of energy transition roadmap: report | Benefits

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Coverage of the 2024 Global Investment Conference

On April 10-12, the Canadian Investment Review hosted a group of delegates, including defined benefit plan sponsors, asset managers and academics, in Alberta for the 2024 Global…

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  • June 10, 2024 June 6, 2024
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2024 Global Investment Conference: Global energy interests posing challenges to institutional investors’ net-zero targets

Global powerhouses China and India will continue to heavily bet in oil and gas opportunities due to projected demand, despite the global push for green…

2024 Global Investment Conference: How the risk-return proposition can help portfolios perform well in a variety of market conditions

It’s important for institutional investors to view risk mitigation as a way to improve the risk-return proposition and not as a way to express a…

2024 Global Investment Conference: Comparing clean energy landscapes across North America and Europe

To reach 2050 net-zero targets, investment volume in U.S. and European clean power markets has to be scaled on an annualized basis from now until…

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