Wednesday, June 12, 2024

I Tried the Monica Geller-Approved Cleaning Products — Here’s What You Need to Buy

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Cece Hand-Wash: This was one of my favorite products out of the bunch. I kept it in my bathroom and noted that the gelly texture turned into hydrating suds that didn’t dry out my eczema-prone skin. It has argan oil and Australian hibiscus flower extract for hydration and coconut-derived surfactants to remove dirt and debris sans irritation. ($32)

Cece Surface Cleaner: I was most impressed by the surface cleaner. When it comes to higher-end cleaners like this, my expectations for effectiveness are low. I was shocked that this cut through pretty much the majority of what dirties my counters (aka toothpaste, dust, debris, and staining food waste). It’s packed with a coconut-derived degreaser to dissolve grease and loosen debris, along with Mediterranean cyprus oil to purify. If you’re looking to buy one product from this brand, start with this. ($22)

Cece Dish Soap: While this product was shockingly effective and I loved the pump packaging for a dish detergent, this felt unnecessary to me. You don’t need a uniquely fragranced dish soap, let alone a $26 one. A little bit does go a long way and I did appreciate how it cut through the majority of my food debris. It left my plates sparkling without putting them in the dishwasher. ($26)

Cece Room Deodorant: The brand claims that this product has been clinically tested to reduce and neutralize odors. I recognize that my home isn’t a smelly one to begin with, so I sprayed it in my kitchen around my garbage can to see if I noticed a huge difference. To be completely honest, it smelled nice initially, but the fragrance didn’t linger in the way that I wanted it to. ($45)

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