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Here are the five Doodle for Google 2024 finalists [Gallery]

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The five finalists for the US Doodle for Google 2024 contest were revealed today

“My wish for the next 25 years…” is the birthday-inspired theme with Google selecting 55 Doodles from tens of thousands of submissions across 55 states and territories. It then let the public vote for a winner from each of the five grade groups. 

Next up is the National Winner announcement “later this month.” Google’s panel of judges will select the Doodle that appears on the homepage for 24 hours.

Google this year allowed for new mediums — Film & Stop Motion, VR Painting, and Sculpt & Build — in addition to Paint & Draw.

The Grade K-3 Doodle for Google 2024 finalist is from Hawaii. “Fairytales” also won the Imagination Award:

“My wish for the next 25 years is for mermaids to be in the ocean and dragons in the sky. And magic is everywhere.”

Grade 4-5 is from New Jersey and their doodle/wish is for “No More Hunger.” This won the Planet Award:

“My wish for the next 25 years is that there’ll be no more hunger. Every day all over the world people are starving. If we all work together we’ll be able to feed everyone. My hope is that within 25 years nobody will go hungry. I’m trying to encourage food sustainability and creativity all over the world.”

“Family” from California won Grade 6-7 and the Good Neighbor Award:

“My wish for the next 25 years is, I wish my family would laugh more, watch sunsets more, eating dinner together, family would stay together and that no one would die alone. In this drawing, I drew a family that loves each other a family that would risk their lives to each other, a family that would be there for eachother a family that would be patient with others shortcomings.”

Idaho’s Grade 8-9 is about “My Ideal Future” and won the Tech Whiz Award:

“In 25 years, aside from turning 38, I see myself living a life of computer science and art in the morning. I’ll review algorithms and analyze data in the office. At night, I’ll be spilling paint and creating art. I want to live life to the fullest before it ends.”

Lastly, there’s “Family Dinner” (and Biggest Smile Award) from District of Columbia for Grade 10-12:

“Every Sunday night is filled with chaos, laughter and the smell of food in my household. The standing invitation goes to any friends and family in the area. As my life grows and changes, my wish for the next 25 years is that this tradition remains a constant.”

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