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Her Bullying Sister Called Her A Hippo, But Now Wants Her To Go Wedding Dress Shopping With Her. She Told Her To Take A Hike.

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Her Bullying Sister Called Her A Hippo, But Now Wants Her To Go Wedding Dress Shopping With Her. She Told Her To Take A Hike.

Some sibling relationships just can’t be repaired…

It’s sad, but that’s the way it goes with some folks.

And that brings us to today’s story!

Is this woman wrong for how she’s treating her sister?

Read on and see what you think.

“My sister Hannah (27f) and I (25f) aren’t close and yet she invited me wedding dress shopping with her.

She says she wants this to be the start of a better relationship between us and she wants me by her side for this process because she trusts me.

I don’t think so…

I don’t want to go with her. Even with a slightly better relationship shopping for any clothes is a very hard no for me with her.

So I told her I appreciated her wanting us to be closer but I didn’t feel like I should go wedding dress shopping with her.

She asked me why exactly, she told me this was her extending the olive branch and trying to fix the issues in our relationship.

She laid it all out…

I told her our history, which includes recent history of as early as 3 months ago, is not good when it comes to her and me and appearance.

When we were kids I was bigger. It happened very suddenly while I was still very young and my parents were concerned but doctors dismissed it as bad eating habits and not doing enough exercise.

I was very self-conscious and my sister mocked me for it a lot.

Our parents were furious when she’d open her mouth about it.

She called me gross and even took some of my clothes to show off how humongous I was.


She’d use the nickname others had given me “Hallie Hippo” and was really not kind about it. She made it even harder to be like that. Her relationship with our parents was super bad for years because of it.

I was 20 when I finally got a doctor to listen to me and explore why the sudden weight gain happened.

I ended up needing surgery to remove a mass which made a huge difference to my appearance.

And then I went in the opposite direction and my thyroid made me too skinny.

Around the time this happened, Hannah gained some weight. Not a lot. She’s not huge by any means. But it made her crazy jealous.

The teasing continued.

She would make snide comments about being super skinny and how unfair it was that I lost all that weight without doing anything.

I didn’t see her often because our relationship was so bad.

But the times I did she’d make me looking good sound so negative. She’d say I didn’t deserve it.

A couple of years ago we were both shopping with some cousins and it was just insane how angry she was at me.

She called me “the luckiest ***** in the world and you don’t even like it” because I was so tiny.

The concerns about being too small being bad for my health were waved off.

Her sister told her the truth.

Three months ago she told me I look smaller every time she sees me and how much she dislikes me for it. She told me I didn’t deserve it.

And now she wants me to go dress shopping with her. Which again, is why I said no.

But she didn’t like that I “brought up the past when it’s in the past” and she told me this is the fresh start she’s offering me.

I can’t see her not making a lot of nasty comments about dresses and me. Especially because I know she feels self conscious and I can’t say I care about her enough to be reassuring.

She told me to stop being a jerk, stop being selfish and to give us a chance or else I’m an *******.


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This Reddit user said she’s NTA.

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This woman’s instincts seem to be spot on.

She should definitely listen to them.

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