Sunday, May 19, 2024

Happie Horse latest AI tool for horse owners

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Animalytics “Happie Horse” app conquering new markets thanks to AI and innovation

An AI-powered app could help horse owners monitor their animals around the clock.  David Harder, the brain behind the Happie Horse app, said: “Horse owners can track and analyse their animals’ data on our management app and receive proactive notifications, if there are signs of danger or possible illness.” Harder is also the founder of Animalytics GmbH. His favourite horse, Chaos, was diagnosed with laminitis twice within a year. “Laminitis or lameness is a serious and often painful disease in horses that affects the hooves and, if not treated properly, can lead to permanent damage and even death.” Continuous monitoring and preventative care can make the difference between successful treatment and long-term health damage, he added.

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