Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Google’s Pixel Watch 3 could look a lot like the Pixel Watch 2

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  • Pixel Watch 3 could maintain a familiar design with minor tweaks and similar dimensions to the previous model.
  • The bigger variant could sport a larger display and beefier battery.
  • Google could focus on other software-focused improvements with the Pixel Watch 3 this year.

The original Google Pixel Watch was a decent first attempt by the company. While the wearable initially provided a sub-par experience, Google rolled out multiple updates to address many shortcomings. With the Pixel Watch 2 last year, the company made minor tweaks to the design while giving the internals a significant overhaul. This allowed the smartwatch to deliver a much better experience, giving other popular Android smartwatches a run for their money. If you were hoping for bigger design changes on the Pixel Watch 3 this year, prepare for disappointment.

The first Pixel Watch 3 renders have leaked online courtesy of @Onleaks and 91Mobiles, revealing a familiar design. In the images, Google’s upcoming smartwatch looks similar to the current-gen model with a rounded design and display.

Its alleged dimensions have also leaked, and they are similar to those of the Pixel Watch 2: 40.79 x 40.73 x 14mm vs. the latter’s 41 x 41 x 12.3mm. Apparently, the upcoming wearable will be slightly thicker, possibly to accommodate a bigger battery or other internal changes. New health sensors are unlikely, especially since the rear panel in the renders looks the same as the Pixel Watch 2. This also means you will get POGO-pin based charging instead of wireless charging.

From the renders, it’s difficult to ascertain if the chunky bezels surrounding the 1.2-inch circular display have shrunk. The slightly compact dimensions indicate a smaller bezel, but it does not appear to be significant. The images seemingly show the watch with the Obsidian band featuring a tang buckle clasp.

Pixel Watch 3 could be all about the bigger size

A Pixel Watch 2 laid out on a retail demonstration table.

Rumors indicate Google might launch the Pixel Watch 3 in two sizes. The above renders are of the smaller variant. While the bigger model will also sport a similar design, it should pack a larger display and a beefier battery, which should help extend the overall runtime.

While the Pixel Watch looks great, a bezel-less design could make it even more sleek and modern. But you might have to wait another year for Google to introduce such major design improvements to its smartwatch lineup. Still, the addition of a bigger Pixel Watch size this year should please many, especially since the current case size looks too small on large wrists.

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