Friday, May 24, 2024

Google will let you create personalized AI chatbots

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Google is adding a bunch of new features to its Gemini AI, and one of the most powerful is a personalization option called “Gems” that allows users to create custom versions of the Gemini assistant with varying personalities.

Gems lets you create iterations of chatbots that can help you with certain tasks and retain specific characteristics, kind of like making your own bot in Character.AI, the service that lets you talk to virtualized versions of popular characters and celebrities or even a fake psychiatrist. Google says you can make Gemini your gym buddy, sous-chef, coding partner, creative writing guide, or anything you can dream up. Gems feels similar to OpenAI’s GPT Store that lets you make customized ChatGPT chatbots.

You can set up a gem by telling Gemini what to do and how to respond. For instance, you can tell it to be your running coach, provide you with a daily run schedule, and to sound upbeat and motivating. Then, in one click, Gemini will make a gem for you as you’ve described. The Gems feature is available “soon” to Gemini Advanced subscribers.

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