Friday, May 24, 2024

Google Wallet now lets you add passes and tickets from photos

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Adding tickets and membership cards to Google Wallet just got easier


  • You can now use Google Wallet to store important documents and passes by taking a simple picture from your library.
  • The new feature allows direct addition of documents to Google Wallet without the need for a separate app.
  • You can easily store car insurance cards, event tickets, and more on your phone — even without a QR or barcode.

Mobile wallets are one of the most convenient modern smartphone features. Forgot your wallet at home? No problem, as long as your preferred credit cards are loaded onto your Google Wallet. Mobile wallets can also store car insurance cards, concert and event tickets, and, in some states and regions, even a digital version of your driver’s license or government ID.

Usually, a digital version of the document, pass, or card has to be available through an app or website for it to be added to the Google Wallet. A new feature rolled out by Google today changes that by allowing users to add these important documents to their Google Wallets directly from their photo library.


Google Wallet is ditching support for older Android phones and smartwatches

You’ll need to upgrade to keep using the app

Use pictures with text to add Google Wallet quick passes

Whether it’s a library card, gym membership card, car insurance, or concert ticket, now all you need to add this pass to your Google Wallet is a simple picture.

Google hasn’t elaborated on if the picture needs to be taken with the camera directly through the Wallet app or if older pictures in the library can be scanned for possible Google Wallet additions. However, as shown in the guide above, we know it’s as easy as snapping a picture clearly showing an applicable document or pass, then seeing it in the Google Wallet after a moment of processing.

It’s also unclear if this method will work with payment methods like credit cards, but this expansion of the mobile wallet’s capabilities means everyday documents that otherwise wouldn’t be compatible with Google Wallet out of a lack of QR or barcode can now be conveniently stored right on your phone.

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