Friday, May 24, 2024

Google Set To Shut Down Dev Access to Fit APIs

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Google has recently been making moves that suggest an aggressive move away from the traditional Google Fit Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This was made even clearer this week when the company fully detailed how the “Google Fit APIs have been deprecated and will be supported until 30th June 2025.”

This means that developers will have until the said date to move their fitness and exercise apps to Health Connect, the Android health platform that was launched by Google in 2022.

According to Google, the deadline is long enough to give users enough time to switch to Health Connect and continue their service. The firm states in its migration guide for developers that it will “share more details about what’s next for Android Health” at the I/O event later this month.

Google API has for years seemed like a dying product with the tech company being unable to focus solely on providing a single solution on how to make it better. This was made even clearer when Google acquired Fitbit in 2021, making it the new shiny fitness brand that was integrated into new devices like the Pixel Watch and Pixel phones.

There have been mixed reactions to this move by users and developers alike, some of whom feel it isn’t necessary. This has been highlighted by the fact that Health Connect doesn’t sync to any cloud provider which might affect users who look to switch devices.

It’s still unclear what the future is for Google Fit on Android, Wear OS and iOS. But it seems that it will keep working as an activity tracker and data holder on those platforms.

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