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Google searches for Lough Tay up 1253% after Netflix’s Irish Wish

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By Sophie Collins

Google searches for ‘Lough Tay’ have surged by an astonishing 1253% in the past week thanks to the new Lindsay Lohan film.

Travel trends are seeing a major shakeup in Ireland as a large number of holidaymakers admit they plan to book trips after being inspired by TV shows or movies.

Riding on this trend, new data from Bókun, a Booking Management Software Provider, sheds light on the impact of Netflix’s latest release, ‘Irish Wish,’ on tourism in Ireland.

Lindsay Lohan’s starring role in the Netflix film has catapulted it to the top spot in various countries, igniting a new sense of fascination with our Irish landscape.

The internet is buzzing with discussion about holidaying in Ireland as viewers follow the protagonist, Maddie, on her journey from bridesmaid to bride.

Her character is spurred by a spontaneous wish for true love, against the picturesque backdrop of Ireland. 

Research shows that Google searches for ‘Lough Tay’ have surged by an astonishing 1253% in the past week, with enthusiasts eager to visit the spot where Maddie’s life-altering wish takes place.

This jump in online traffic not only shows the movie’s popularity but also highlights the influence that television and film can have on tourism and consumer behaviour.

Another standout location from the movie, the ‘Cliffs of Moher,’ has witnessed a notable uptick in searches; up by 85% in the past week alone. 

Stretching around 14 kilometres and reaching heights of 214 meters, these cliffs offer unparalleled views and have been a popular spot for years.

With global audiences showing a keen interest in these filming locations, the question is: Could Ireland experience a surge in tourism in 2024?

Daniel Hasselbach, Bókun’s UK Country Manager, said: “The influence of pop culture on tourism is a captivating phenomenon that continues to shape travel trends worldwide. 

“We’ve seen this phenomenon earlier in the year with destinations like Saltburn and One Day, where cinematic allure translates into real-world tourism, injecting fresh vitality into locales. 

“At Bókun, we eagerly anticipate witnessing how this trend unfolds and contributes to the broader evolution of the tourism industry.”

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