Sunday, June 23, 2024

Google Open-Sources GWPSan As A New Sanitizer Framework

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Google is known for their many contributions to open-source compilers and particular many different sanitizer efforts over the years. Their newest project they have made open-source in this area is GWPSan as a sampling-based sanitizer framework.

GWPSan is described by the project’s README as:

“GWPSan is a framework for low-overhead sampling-based dynamic binary instrumentation, designed for implementing various bug detectors (also called “sanitizers”) suitable for production uses. GWPSan does not modify the executed code, but instead performs dynamic analysis from signal handlers.”

This sampling-based sanitizer framework is separate from GWP-ASan as a lower-overhead alternative to LLVM’s AddressSanitizer (ASAN). GWPSan does depend upon the Bazel build system, supports various tunable flags with otherwise off by default behavior, and is under an Apache license.

GWPSan currently provides tools for a use-after-return detector (UAR), data race detector (TSan), and use of uninitialized memory detector (LMSan).

GWPSan on GitHub

Those wishing to learn more about Google’s GWPSan sanitizer framework can learn more via the GitHub repository.

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