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Google hands out major camera and photo editing boost to even more phones

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GOOGLE has given a major camera and editing boost to even more iPhone and Android users.

Google Photos is the company’s popular image storage app, which stores more than 4trillion photos for over a billion users.


Features you would previously have to pay for are now freeCredit: Alamy
Magic Editor is among them, allowing you to move objects and people around


Magic Editor is among them, allowing you to move objects and people aroundCredit: Google

Tools like Magic Editor allows you to seamlessly move objects around in images and while Photo Unblur will fix fuzzy shots and Magic Erase can take out unwanted objects.

But in the latest change for both Android and iOS they will be free to access.

For owners of phones by Samsung, Apple, or other manufacturers,
they will be limited to only 10 edited and saved photos using Magic Editor per month.

Best Take and Audio Magic Eraser remain exclusive to the Pixel 8 for now. Tech experts have described Magic Editor as Magic Eraser on steroids.

And users who either don’t have a Google Pixel phone or simply
don’t want to use Google Photos can download other apps such as Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom on the Play Store.

Like anything, you’ll still need to meet the minimum device requirements as well for them to work properly.

But the vast majority of people should be covered easily.

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You’ll need to be running at least iOS 15 or Android 8.0 and your phone must have at least a 64-bit chip and 4GB of RAM.

Meanwhile Android users have been warned that a perk on their Google account will disappear in a matter of days.

Google One is the company’s popular cloud subscription service for all your photos and videos, as well as extra space for Gmail.

It has 100million subscribers worldwide. The platform also has a handy VPN as part of the package as well.

But earlier this year the tech giant announced that the tool will be removed. At the time, Google bosses said “people simply weren’t using it”.

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