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Google Fit developer APIs to be discontinued, impacting Android and Wear OS apps

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Future of Android and Wear OS apps remains uncertain

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Google has officially announced the discontinuation of its Google Fit developer APIs, a process that began with the launch of Health Connect in 2022.

The tech giant stated, “Google Fit APIs have been deprecated and will be supported until June 30, 2025.”

This change requires fitness and workout apps previously dependent on Google Fit to transition to Health Connect, also known as the “Android Health platform,” before the deadline.

Transition to Health Connect: A challenge for developers

Google’s decision to deprecate the Google Fit dev APIs has raised concerns among developers.

While the company aims to turn down the API no sooner than June 30, 2025, this timeline should provide users sufficient time to switch their services to Health Connect.

However, Google’s transition guide for developers does not offer a replacement for the Goals API, which allows users to set daily targets for steps and heart points.

Uncertainty surrounds future of apps

Despite the announcement about the API discontinuation, Google has not provided any information regarding the future of Google Fit apps on Android, Wear OS, and iOS.

These apps continue to function as activity monitors and data repositories.

Notably, these apps have not received any recent updates or new features. The most significant update was the integration of Health Connect support in 2022.

Google Fit may be deprecated next year

By now, it’s evident that Google Fit isn’t the future. Fitbit serves as the default on the Pixel Watch, with other Wear OS makers offering their health tracking solutions. Aligning a potential deprecation of the Fit app with the June 2025 developer deadline seems logical.

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