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Google celebrates Halloween with a Doodle slideshow – UPI.com

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Oct. 31 (UPI) — Google is celebrating Halloween on Tuesday with a slideshow Doodle featuring trick-or-treaters on the move.

Emily Barrera created the Doodle and the poem accompanying it.

Kids in costumes walk along a dark street and gather candy in the scenes, while music by Silas Hite plays in the background.

Google said, “Boo! Did we scare you? Halloween has come, so don’t be looking glum. Click through today’s slideshow Doodle to trick-or-treat with a vampire, a witch, and ghost. And venture out tonight to collect the candy that you love the most! It’s the scariest day in Fall – Happy Halloween to all.”

Google’s Halloween slideshow Doodle features spooky scenes and trick-or-treaters. Photo courtesy of Google Doodle

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