Thursday, May 23, 2024

Google Announces New Features For Travel

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Google has announced several new features for Google Maps and Google Search aimed at helping people find less carbon-intensive ways of traveling and commuting.

One of the key additions is a new EV filter on, enabling users to locate hotels that offer onsite EV charging facilities. Additionally, numerous updates have been made on Maps to facilitate the discovery of charging stations.

When planning a trip, users will now have access to suggested charging stops, forecasted energy consumption, and more.

Furthermore, in addition to the EV updates, Google Maps will now assist users in finding lower-carbon travel alternatives.

Highlights from Googles Press Release: More sustainable ways to commute & travel:

  • Driving alternatives in Google Maps: When people look up driving directions, we’ll soon show a public transit or a walking suggestion next to driving routes, if travel times are comparable and practical (coming to 15+ cities).
  • Trains & buses in Google Search: You can now see train schedules & ticket prices directly in Search, for rail travel in 38 countries around the world (including the US), as well as long-distance buses in 15 countries. This is an expansion of an existing feature.
  • Train suggestions on Google Flights: In the months ahead, when you’re on Google Flights and there’s a reasonable rail alternative, you’ll see train route suggestions in the flight search results. This builds on similar suggestions we already show in Google Search for flight queries.
  • Travel Impact Model: You can already see estimated emissions in Google Flights, powered by our Travel Impact Model methodology. Now, estimates from the Travel Impact Model are also available through a developer API, a Google Sheets extension and a calculator on the TIM website.

Electric vehicles:

  • Google Maps (all features coming soon):
  • EV Charging Station Pins: We’ll highlight nearby EV charging stations for in-car Maps, with information about station availability and charging speeds.
  • AI-powered summaries for EV charging stations: AI summaries from user reviews will better help users pinpoint charging stations.
  • Multi-waypoint EV trip planning: When users create a multi-stop trip, in-car Maps will suggest required charging stops.
  • Google Search – Hotels:
  • You can use the new EV filter on to find hotels that offer on-site EV charging. This is already live.

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