Thursday, May 23, 2024

Google and McLaren team up to showcase Android 15 features through mini-games

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  • Google partners with McLaren to create a suite of mini-games that highlight upcoming Android 15 features.
  • The mini-games showcase features like on-device fraud protection, AI-powered theft detection, and enhanced Gemini integration.

If listening to long presentations about the latest Android 15 update isn’t your style, Google has a more engaging alternative for you. The company has taken a playful approach to introducing the latest features of Android 15 by partnering with the McLaren Formula 1 team to create the “Game On” suite of mini-games.

This interactive experience allows users to explore upcoming Android functionalities while enjoying some lighthearted fun, even featuring appearances by McLaren F1 drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

“Google Play Protect” challenges players to navigate a McLaren F1 car through a track laden with scam apps, highlighting the upcoming on-device fraud protection feature. This new feature promises live threat detection to identify and steer users clear of apps engaging in malicious behavior.

“Theft Detection Lock” takes a playful jab at phone theft with a Whack-a-mole style game, where successfully defending your virtual phone reveals Android’s AI-powered theft detection capabilities. This feature will automatically lock down the phone upon detecting a snatching attempt, safeguarding user data.

The third game, “Gemini on Android,” takes inspiration from rhythm games like Tap Tap Revenge. It challenges players to keep their Gemini ball in the correct lane to receive tasks. As expected, the new feature spotlight falls on enhancements to Gemini here, making it more context-aware, integrated, and helpful on Android devices.

The Game On suite offers three additional games: Google Cast, Private Space, and Circle to Search, my favorite. For those who prefer a more in-depth overview of the announced features, check out our comprehensive coverage of Google’s 2024 I/O announcements.

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