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Global Technology Company Chooses Bridgeline to Power Multilingual Search | BLIN Stock News

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Bridgeline Digital (NASDAQ: BLIN) announced on July 11, 2024, that a global AI technology company has chosen its HawkSearch software to facilitate multilingual search across nine languages. The AI firm will integrate HawkSearch into its Sitefinity-based website, enabling users to navigate content in three subdomains: Site Search, Newsroom, and Resource Library. HawkSearch supports up to fifty languages and various writing systems, enhancing user experience by providing search results in the language of the query. Bridgeline’s CEO, Ari Kahn, emphasized that this partnership underscores the company’s commitment to AI-driven innovation in site search technology.


  • Global AI technology company selects HawkSearch, reflecting confidence in Bridgeline’s AI capabilities.

  • HawkSearch to power search in nine languages, enhancing user experience for a global audience.

WOBURN, Mass., July 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a global leader in AI-powered marketing technology, announced today that a global AI technology company has selected HawkSearch’s multilingual search software to power navigation in nine languages for their customers around the globe.

The global AI technology company will leverage HawkSearch for its website on Sitefinity to power search in nine languages. In addition, their implementation will accommodate content search in three subdomains – Site Search, Newsroom, and Resource Library – allowing visitors to easily find resources in their preferred language.

With content search, a user searching for “Guide d’administration le plus récent” will receive results translated in French to match the language of the query. HawkSearch supports search in up to fifty languages across multiple writing systems.

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline, stated, “The technology leader’s ongoing partnership with HawkSearch validates our relentless pursuit of AI innovation. The company’s selection of HawkSearch reflects its confidence in Bridgeline’s powerful AI technology, which continues to revolutionize site search.”

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What did Bridgeline Digital announce on July 11, 2024?

Bridgeline Digital announced that a global AI technology company has selected its HawkSearch software for multilingual search capabilities.

Which software did the AI company choose for multilingual search?

The AI company chose Bridgeline’s HawkSearch software for multilingual search.

How many languages will HawkSearch support for the AI company’s website?

HawkSearch will support search functionality in nine languages for the AI company’s website.

Which subdomains will HawkSearch cover on the AI company’s website?

HawkSearch will cover Site Search, Newsroom, and Resource Library subdomains on the AI company’s website.

What is the stock symbol for Bridgeline Digital?

The stock symbol for Bridgeline Digital is BLIN.

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