Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Translate your screen with Circle to Search, or what’s around you with Lens

If you’re traveling somewhere and don’t know the local language, deciphering even basic information can be challenging. Maybe you’ve found a great restaurant to check out, but you need to translate the PDF menu on their website. Or perhaps you’re getting acquainted with local musicians on your favorite streaming app and want to understand the lyrics. With Circle to Search, available on select Android devices, you can instantly translate whatever’s on your screen without switching apps. Simply long press the home button or navigation bar and tap the translate icon.

Translations in Circle to Search will start rolling out in the coming weeks. Circle to Search is currently accessible on Pixel 7+ devices and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, in all languages and locations where they’re available. And starting this week, we’re rolling out Circle to Search to more Android phones, foldables and tablets. *

Meanwhile, if you need to translate something around you, like a street sign or poster, Google Lens can step in to help. Just tap the Lens icon in the Google app and select the translate filter. Lens will automatically detect the source language and blend the translated text over the original.

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