Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gemini Live could get an always-on mode to work in the background

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  • Gemini curretly offers Ultra, Pro, Flash, and Nano models for different tasks and efficiency needs. A new Live model will also arrive this summer.
  • Gemini Live could revolutionize the user experience by operating in the background and lockscreen mode.
  • Privacy concerns arise with Gemini Live collecting data in the background, prompting Google to address these issues.

Google Gemini is now available in four distinct versions. The Gemini Ultra is designed for highly complex tasks. The Pro version is for general performance, and the Flash, optimized for speed and efficiency, offers a wide array of capabilities. Recently, Google also introduced the Gemini Nano, a compact model for performing on-device tasks. This diverse range of models is set to expand with the upcoming Gemini Live version, allowing two-way dialogue in the mobile app.


Gemini’s upcoming feature makes multitasking a breeze

Open the app in a multi-window mode

While Gemini Live is yet to be officially rolled out this summer, a sneak peek at one of its features has already sparked rumors. A dig into Google app 15.27 (beta) by folks at 9to5Google revealed a string that mentions a “background_mode.” The feature presumably allows users to “continue [Gemini] Live chats while using other apps or while your screen is locked.”

Gemini Live will continue operating in the background even when it’s not in use

Essentially, Gemini Live is poised to revolutionize the user experience. Unlike the current version of Gemini and Google Assistant, which cease to function when they’re off the screen, Gemini Live will persist in the background of your device, even when you’re using other apps or when the device is in lock screen mode. This seamless operation promises to enhance your productivity and convenience.

Yet, it’s unclear what data Gemini Live collects when operating in the background and what that data will be used for. Meanwhile, one assumption is that Gemini Live could collect data from installed apps on your device to enrich its knowledge base when answering queries. When the operation is done, you can commend “Stop” or look for related notifications to end the process.

Furthermore, Google envisions Gemini Live to be operational even when your phone is in lock screen mode. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing Gemini to handle voice actions such as setting alarms or checking the weather. Moreover, enabling Gemini Live in lock screen mode unlocks new capabilities, including answering general questions or managing Messages, Workspace, and Home Automation tasks.

As Google explains, apps such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Flights, and Google Hotels are enabled by default on the lock screen. Additionally, any future extensions that don’t require user credentials or don’t access private data will be enabled by default. Users can turn them off in the settings at any time.


Gemini’s onboarding UI for newer Pixel phones is primed and ready

All set to replace Google Assistant for good

As we await the arrival of Gemini Live this summer, it’s important to note that the prospect of an AI chatbot operating in the background and on the lock screen raises valid privacy concerns. It’s imperative that Google addresses these concerns, particularly regarding the type of data Gemini Live collects in the background, to ensure users’ peace of mind.

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