Sunday, July 21, 2024

Gemini in Google Messages, YouTube Music Extension rolling out

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In addition to Gemini Advanced with 1.5 Pro, Google today is rolling out Gemini in Messages on Android and the YouTube Music Extension.

Tap the “Start chat” FAB in the bottom-right corner and you’ll see a Gemini contact option. This opens a UI that’s like your other SMS/RCS conversations with the ability to upload images (but not audio). Long-press on any response, which is optimized to be more concise, to leave thumbs up/down feedback.

Conversations are happening over RCS, but they are not end-to-end encrypted. It’s a direct 1:1 conversation between you and the LLM. It cannot be accessed or pulled into other conversations, while there’s support for Gemini Extensions, like Workspace, YouTube, and Maps. 

After going live for beta users in late March, Gemini in Google Messages is now widely rolling out. Starting today, it will be available globally in English (and French in Canada). It is not available in the EEA, UK, Switzerland, or India. 

Meanwhile, the Gemini YouTube Music Extension lets you search for and play songs, albums, artists, and playlists. If you don’t know the title, just mention a verse and Gemini will find it.

  • Show some rock music
  • Turn on White Noise @YouTubeMusic
  • Play music that I like
  • Play rock music radio
  • Show me songs from modern artists keeping classic blues alive

Other prompt formats include:

  • Find [song name] by [artist name]
  • Find the album [album title] by [artist name]
  • Find playlist
  • Find [genre] music
  • Search for songs similar to [song name] by [artist name]
  • Find the song that goes [song lyrics]
  • Find the [song name] music video
  • Start a radio based on the song [song name]
  • Search for [artist name] songs

It’s rolling out starting today (in English) and will be joined by Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Utilities (Android Clock app) in the coming months.

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