Friday, May 24, 2024

Gemini add-on comes to Google Workspace for Education

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Education customers can now purchase Gemini for Google Workspace. This gives educators access to the side panel, Help me write/organize/visualize, and more. 

AI can never replace the expertise, knowledge, or creativity of an educator, but it can be a helpful tool to enhance and enrich teaching and learning experiences. While we’re encouraged by the widespread excitement around generative AI, it’s still early days for this technology.


Gemini is available as an add-on to Workspace for Education with no minimum purchase requirement. Available for “users 18 years and older,” there are two tiers:

  • Gemini Education: This “lower price” offering has a monthly usage limit and is aimed at helping schools get started with generative AI
  • Gemini Education Premium: “Full access and usage” with the addition of Meet’s AI-powered note-taking and summarization, “AI-enhanced data loss prevention,” and “more coming soon.” 

You also get “with enterprise-grade data protection.” 

Google says educators are using Gemini to:

  • “Go from a blank page to a lesson plan template, grant proposal or job description in Docs”
  • “Summarize a long email thread with key takeaways and next steps in Gmail”
  • “Create an agenda for an upcoming professional development session in Sheets”
  • “Bring a presentation to life or illustrate a topic in class by creating an original image in Slides”

Meanwhile, Gemini is adding OpenStax and Data Commons extensions, as well as guided practice quizzes:

Test your knowledge with guided practice quizzes that walk you through a series of questions and provide conversational feedback on each of your responses. For example, ask Gemini “quiz me on the periodic table of elements.”

In the future, any 18+ user on any Workspace for Education account can chat with for free. This will be using Gemini 1.0 Pro with support for 40+ languages. You also get “added data protection” where “data is not reviewed by anyone, it’s not used to train artificial intelligence models, or shared with other users or institutions.”

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