Thursday, May 23, 2024

Folsom Approves Use Of SB-1 Funds For Several Infrastructure Projects – Folsom Times

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Following review and discussion, the Folsom City Council approved Resolution No. 11191, adopting a list of projects for Fiscal Year 2024-25 to be funded by Senate Bill 1 (SB-1): The Road Repair and Accountability Act Tuesday night,  addressing a handful of infrastructure needs within the city.

SB-1, signed into law by California Governor Brown on April 28, 2077, established the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA) to tackle deferred maintenance on the state highway and local street and road systems. The legislation outlines various project categories eligible for funding, including road maintenance and rehabilitation, safety projects, railroad grade separations, complete street components, and traffic control devices.

According to date from the city staff report reviewed at City Hall Tuesday night, for fiscal year 2024-25, the City of Folsom is projected to receive approximately $2.2 million in RMRA funds. These funds will be allocated to three key projects: the Citywide ADA & Sidewalk Rehab Project, the Street Overlay/Pavement Management Project, and the On-Call Concrete & Asphalt Repair Project. These initiatives are crucial for maintaining and enhancing the city’s infrastructure, particularly its pavement network.

The city’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) currently stands at 69, classified as ‘Good’ according to StreetSaver, the software program utilized by the Public Works Department for pavement management. However, without intervention, projections indicate a significant decline in PCI over the coming decades. The SB-1 funding provides a valuable resource in mitigating this degradation and ensuring the longevity of Folsom’s infrastructure.


To qualify for SB-1 funds, local agencies must annually submit a list of projects eligible for funding, as mandated by the California Transportation Commission (CTC). The approved list allows the city to align capital improvements with available funding and prioritize critical infrastructure projects.

The projects identified to utilize SB-1 funding include the Citywide ADA and Sidewalk Rehab Project, the Street Overlay/Pavement Management Project for Fiscal Year 2024-25, and specific street projects such as East Bidwell Street, Willow Creek Estates East, Briggs Ranch, and Rancho Diablo. Additionally, the On-Call Concrete & Asphalt Repair Project for Fiscal Year 2024-25 will address localized pavement issues throughout the city.


The adoption of Resolution No. 11191 authorizes city staff to “utilize the SB-1 funding for the identified projects, ensuring that crucial infrastructure needs are met and enhancing the overall quality of life for Folsom residents.”


To review the entire staff report as it was presented at Folsom City Council Tuesday CLICK HERE.


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