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‘Feeling like a T-Rex,’ Walmart customers fume at shopping cart height change

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WALMART has left customers fuming with their recent renovations

Shoppers have noticed that the retail giant is switching up their designs – including changes to their shopping carts.


Walmart’s new carts are over three inches tallerCredit: Facebook/Styl.Standyn
The store is rolling out the new carts to all 4,600 locations in the country


The store is rolling out the new carts to all 4,600 locations in the countryCredit: Getty
The shopper shared that the carts made her 'feel like a T-rex'


The shopper shared that the carts made her ‘feel like a T-rex’Credit: Facebook/Styl.Standyn

One Walmart customer shared her hilarious complaint with the new design on social media.

“Walmart…I get you remodeling the store and everything, but did u have to go and get these tall ppl carts?” Facebook user Osha QueenLove Ravenell wrote.

“Y’all got me walking around feeling like a T-Rex with my arms tucked by my chest in order to push it.

“Make these carts short ppl friendly!” she concluded.

In her post, Osha included pictures of her tall shopping cart as well as a photo of her smirking with her arms resting T-rex style, with smaller arms like the dinosaur as they were tucked into her chest, on the cart.

As she pointed out, the updated trolleys are significantly taller than the old designs – the cart’s height was brought up by a total of 3.5 inches, while the child seats were raised over 5.8 inches.

The added height isn’t the only difference to the renovated carts. The new designs also feature a new cupholder and a slot to place your smartphone in while shopping.

The renovations have faced critiques as some shoppers insist that the carts are harder to use now.

One shopper even blamed the fresh designs for “wasteful” and “gross behavior by other customers.

Walmart started rolling out the new carts at select locations last summer.

After first being tested in Kentucky, the company is permanently implementing the new carts at all 4,600 US locations.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment.

The change to shopping carts is just one of many reasons that Walmart customers have been disappointed in the chain lately.


At certain locations, Walmart is also testing a new self-checkout policy that only allows customers with 15 items or less to use the kiosks.

The new policy has outraged shoppers trying to avoid long lines.


However, the company shared that the new policies were implemented in hopes of streamlining customer visits and reducing shoplifting.

The new policy comes after some customers reported that they were automatically signed up for Walmart+ while using self-checkout.

However, it doesn’t say on Walmart’s website that users are automatically enrolled in the program by using self-checkout or any other store service.

Another Walmart shopper recently complained that she was overcharged for items that she didn’t even buy.

Plus, one frustrated customer left their full cart at check-out when they didn’t see any open lanes.

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